Tombstone Icon / Death Marker NOT APPEARING! DOZENS of hours of lost items and resources, etc. GONE!

Simple problem. Should have a simple fix. Except there has been absolutely nothing about it. Nor does it fix the lost player base for us to actually play and interact with on the servers, that these HUGE problems that shouldn’t even occur to begin with, cause.

My son loaded up my personal single player server, for me to play. Haven’t in a few months. He killed me instantly, which is fine. I was coming to the controller anyways. A minute or two passes. But when I go to look for the death marker to tell me where it is for me to go retrieve all of my items and resources? DOZENS AND DOZENS OF REAL TIME HOURS WORTH AT THAT!!?!?! It’s just NOT THERE! Not ANYWHERE!!
No big deal though, it couldn’t be far. Except, HUGE slap in the face by Funcom, EVERY SINGLE THING FOR SOME REAOSN DECAYED AFTER TWO MINUTES AND TEN SECONDS!
Let me repeat, 2 MINUTES and 10 SECONDS! That’s it! Not even enough time to GET to my loot bag to even recover any of it.
Something that shouldn’t even happen to begin with? That should have an easy and quick and simple fix? Has been IGNORED since y’all started the Age of Sorcery updates. You’ve added a TON of new content and features, that a LARGE portion of us can’t and don’t even get to see or experience yet, because we’ve either quit playing the game so we can go play other games whose basic mechanics of the game DONT glitch out and DONT costs us HOURS AND HOURS worth of our time on the game. OR, because most people are too busy RE CRAFTING OR COLLECTING ETC, ALL OF THE STUFF WE LOST DUE TO YALL’s poor updating skills on this!! That shouldn’t bring large problems into basic and MAIN mechanics of the game!
Us players should be getting to hop on and experience and see the new features and updates, be able to actually USE them and APPLY them to our existing games or servers and actually have fun. Not feel like we’re “grinding” at work basically. When we should feel like we’re playing OUR GAME. And the hard time and money spent on it.
Fix your issues. You may be adding more stuff to the game but Funcom you’re killing it at the same time due to issues like this.
One of the best games on console and a lot of us, myself included, are exiting out to go watch or play something else instead. Because all these problems have made the game unplayable and not even worth it. Nobody wants to play a survival game of this caliber, just to repeat over and over their HOURS upon HOURS of hard work because your bugs keep deleting forever all of our stuff. With NO compensation from you all or return of any of our lost items like any other halfway decent game company would.

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