Tome of Kurak/Sorcery problem

Hey guys,
I maxed out Tome of Kurak some time before the patch.
Currently only two spells are shown under “Sorcery” in “Knowledge” tab;
However, Im able to cast MOST(I guess) spells when using “Arcane Staff”.
The problem is that Im not able to do anything else that comes with maxed Tome of Kurak: build some of the buildings(eg.Teleport), make some of the elixirs(eg.Rebirth).
I disposed my “old” Tome and got a new one from the cave; however, when I placed it to Thaumaturgy Bench there is no option of upgrading it, just "Research"x2, and crafting of “Arcane Staff” .
I tried: Removing bracelet, relogging, placing new table, tried it with thrall, without thrall.
So what do I do next?

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