Tomorrow’s update

What time is the update available tomorrow?

What there is an update tomorrow? Where is the announcement?
I don’t even get all my battlepass rewards… Though it’s starting in April?

Chapter 3 has been in PBC for weeks now… it was announced a while ago.

I know but really tomorrow?
I checked the announcement section here and also Twitter found no word about that the chapter ends tomorrow. Only that there will be more information about the background story

Totally unprofessional. Especially since they’re raking in extreme money on the Bazaar, etc.

If you are unsure when a chapter is ending, you can always check in game (BattlePass screen) as a timer will be displayed there indicating the Chapter ending.

The timer will appear in the BattlePass menu - top left corner of the screen.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for this info. I never saw it before :see_no_evil:

So 2h left and I get my battlepass rewards. Good that I am working from home today :sweat_smile:

What would happen if I didn’t push the button take all rewards or specially the crom coins rewards would they be lost or I am getting it on my account anyway?

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You will lose unclaimed items.

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When a BattlePass chapter changes it will force claim all the unlocked and unclaimed rewards from the previous chapter.
The next time you open the BattlePass you should get a notification showing all the stuff that’s unlocked in that process.

Hope this helps!

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What makes you think they are making any money off the bazaar? Just because they have real high prices on items is no reason to believe anyone is buying any of it.

So they fixed the bug that locks you out of all the battle pass items when you have unlocked but unclamed rewards?

The thing that want most to see is the end of the freeze in loading screen bug.
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Is there any change on patch notes?

i hope the twitch drops will be fixed finaly :pray::pray::pray: