Too long to be able to start playing


Again when trying to start to play it took near an hour to be able to move around the base and still most things in the base like doors are still missing.

ended up by logging off and putting it aside

no idea how this game is still such a bad product

How big is your base?

whats your rig like? core rams gpu

it’s not very big

Is this on a official ps4 server private server or offline. I have not had this sort of problem since last year. Even then was minutes.

Ps4 pro loads in a second or two. I cant believe a pc would be that much slower.

it all depends on the players wallet.

Yeah but in general a relatively modern pc should beat a ps4.

a stock pc cant handle conan. gpu and cpu requirement are too intense for the game. conan exile should be able to run on 32bit and 4 gig vram but for an obscure reason the game is 64bit and requires a truck ton of gpu useage.

at my current setting conan is sucking 3gig out of 16gig memory 40% cpu from a i7 6th and a good chunk of the gpu 1070 gtx, for a best example ff14 only requires half that amount to run stock

Stock pcs routinely meet the specs now. But, someone running an older machine I guess who has either a weak processor or a marginal video card could have issues, but this is the story of all pc games. Upgrade your pc or get left behind. Its just the cost of the hobby.

most stock computers come with a 630 built in, more or less 1-2 gig vram.
the onyl thing you can expect to run off a stock pc is fall out 4 at low settings.

This titled under ps4 did he mention it is on PC.

just replying to darth physicist whos tryign to turn the topic into side way post.

No my point is that its not a normal thing. It runs just fine as I said on my ps4. It runs fine in most anything you would consider running it on. His problem sounds like something completely out of the ordinary.

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