Blue screen, I am trying to start the game for a long time

I have a big problem with the game. I’ve been trying to start Conan for 4 hours after walking past another player’s huge building freezes me and I got a blue screen. The game does not load or a second after loading it freezes me again and I have a blue screen. What can I do, after the update it still happened but now I am trying to start the game for a long time :woman_facepalming:t2:

It’s affecting all console players. Maybe before joining server go 1st to Settings and set Graphics to Performance mode and maybe try lowering drawing distance to minimum. If it works go away from other players base and avoid big builds. Stay in Performance mode untill it will get fix but you can try restoring drawing distance to original value.Maybe staying with very limited drawibg distance may be temporary solution, who knows.
Move out of your main base to one of your small outposts and play there.
Let’s hope this issue will choke them enormous base owners and they all will eventually dissapear.
This issue is well known and it got topic in PlayStation Bug Reports section of the Funcom forum:

There’s also another solution:

  • if you are playing on private server you can ask admin[by e-mail or other means] to move you to seperated place on the server if this is at all possible
  • if you are playing on official server you can try sending a ticket though:
    describe your situation with detail and ask if some1 can move you away from that big base somewhere secluded or whatever help official servers can offer in that case