Tower deleted by admins for no reason on 1940

Upon login yesterday I found out funcom admins deleted my tower in bottom left corner of E11 on server 1940 for no reasons whatsoever. Anyone can help ? Who can I ask for an explanation ? Is this common in this game ? I played conan a lot and getting my stuff deleted for no reason is kinda frustrating…

It was the smallest size possible to fit every crafting stuff of the game, it was not laggy, it was not blocking anything… On the other hand, there was towns and construction on the server that clearly goes against community guidelines with massive walls, land claims, laggy, etc. and they arn’t getting deleted…

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Are you sure your tower was not positioned in such a way it blocked content ?

You probably just clapped one of the cry babies and they hit back with the ban meta. If they keep reporting over and over eventually they will get an admin that has no idea what they are looking at and your stuff will disappear and tomorrow your 14-30 day suspension will kick in.1540 is a high pop server and I know of at least one clan that recently started showing up in the playlist that calls in their hacker friends when they start to lose.

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No one, really. You aren’t allowed to file an appeal unless you are permanently banned, the admins who delete stuff don’t explain, the rules and guidelines are extremely vague and do not cover everything that can get you deleted, and nobody on the forums can tell you either.

Getting a proper warning system in place, opening clear communication, and having a complete list of rules that aren’t hidden in random posts across the forums should be priority number one for Funcom, but doesn’t appear to be.

It is absolutely shameful the way they are currently moderating the servers.


How could anyone on the forums tell them when they never provide any screen shots and will always claim innocence. It’s impossible to KNOW what the real reasons were. And even if there were real reasons shown you would still have people who would ignore it and cry “ban meta” regardless.

I agree :100: Those things should have been put in place BEFORE the new ToS had been put into place. Proper foresight should have been implemented to avoid the PR nightmare they have been facing over the last few months due to their short sighted decision on this matter.

Yeah, I don’t know why any of the community members hasn’t taken it upon themselves to make one concise post listing everything that anyone from Funcom has stated on this issue and pinned it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Pretty sure putting out updates to keep up with their promised schedule with their “season” IS and WILL be their #1 priority. Oh and milking every cent out of people in their BLB.

There are alternatives. :woman_shrugging:


We do enjoy pvp so it is possible someone complained but it is within the game rules to kill people on pve-c between 6 and 11pm every day…

I would provide screenshots but funcom does not allow me to post any link on here…

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What did you do to get the forum mods to block your links? Mine work fine.

Not how it works :man_facepalming:

Except… it does, unfortunately.

Mass reporting. I’ll keep saying it and only that. Want more info? Dig a bit because that is all I will say.

So you have proof right? I mean you wouldn’t say that if you couldn’t prove it, right?

I couldn’t get anything done about builds that were in no doubt violating the TOS, with multiple reports. I gave up, it did no good. So not at all sure how JUST reports gets a place deleted.

If I’m wrong, so is funcom admin, so…

oh man i feel your pain, i got deleted too. And im just building a tower 20 foundations diameter and some floors, it is geeting beauty and very detailed, im afraid now.

As I said, mass reporting is a thing and that is all I will say here.

How many hours of your life wasted?

Am guessing that your 20x20 tower was straddling the waterfall there and not spreading into or covering parts of the neaby ‘Ruins of Velstad’, or the path of the bear ghoost, or its activation point, and that moves from the ruins towards the Godsclaw Passage and the chest along the way?

For what it is worth, when on a PvP server it is often a good idea to take screenshots of your base from different angles just in case of the very regrettable situation your build is reported for any reason. It is also useful to screenshot (where possible) message interactions between you and other players on the server.

Clans may (do) take advantage of the fact that there are a Lot of PvP servers out there and that it is not easy to track and monitor hourly players actions, etc. Even on modded,private servers it is hard to keep track of these things whilst using admin mods.

I do wish that FC staff had a backend copy of the most used admin mod running on all servers as it would certainly help FC staff keeping track of things. Of course it would not be worth the cost and hours of work.

Copying and pasting screenshots to this forum is not hard. Do those in-progress screenshots and keep track of those messages with clans. They are useful to both FC moderators and to the general community should they be asked for.

Lastly, check the link from Funcom regarding types of builds that will attract attention:

Hi @Skodz

If you have any additional questions please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.