Toxic clan reported a week ago and Funcom hasn’t done anything about it


So some of you may have seen that I mentioned a clan that built around my base in a PVE server on PS4. I reported last Sunday and Funcom tells me that there may be a delay in action taken, if any. A week has gone by and not only did they close my private message, they hid my topic about it on here and closed it as well. So what gives? Do I have to wait for my building to decay before they even look into it? On top of that, the clan, right in front of me, just now, killed the two thralls I knocked out. They ignore my messages on PSN and act very petty. Smh… is this the thanks I get for giving Funcom money for every dlc, and sticking with a game most of my friends abandoned over a year ago?

Original topic here Toxic clan walled in my base in PVE official

Here’s a video of them killing my knocked out thralls today.

I’m no expert as far as what Funcom calls “making other players unable to play the game,” but I’m fairly certain that excessive griefing like this should constitute not being able to play the game. Come on…


With all of theses problems on officials servers, I think the only way is to have a real admin for each fews servers that can spend at least 1 hour per day to check the servers and solve problems. (May be some trusted players from the community?).


Have you reported it using the official reporting channel i.e a private message to funcom’s community team? If so, all you can do is wait and it is not guaranteed that the support team will find it a violation of the rules even if you feel that it is.

The problem is, no one is reacting to reports even though it is cleary against the rules by using undermesh, glitches or anything else. I reported 3 different things the past weeks and non of them got sloved.(involving those clear rules violations.) I brought in several videos as evidence where you can clearly see those people in action. Nothing happens. I bet the team has alot on their plate but clear rule violation and abusing of the game mechanics should resolve in action taking. At least after 2-3 weeks. I stopped playing conan for the first time in 1 year now because it is so demotivating to play right now. Endless hours of grinding on siptah just to have someone ignoring the rules to ruin all of the grind without anyone doing anything against it. Officials are doomed and will be as long as there wont be some Admins REALLY taking care of it.


I fully understand, therryy. Not much you can do though. Stop playing or wait for Funcom to review your report and act on it.

Or summon mod , that these 2 gets ban too for making reports public and asking for help like u did to me :slight_smile: without any help

Not quite sure what you are on about @NeoTheMatrix but mods are there to moderate, if you follow the guidelines, there will be no need for them to moderate your posts :slight_smile: The only times I have summoned a moderator is when the discussion turns into trash talking.


On that , this guy who writed help writed just same as i did, asking for help only when i did i got ban cuz u asked to some mod, not explaining how exact reports are done, only difference, 2 out of 3 clans that walled me with swastikas and stuff now are actually banned… but till that stuff u did, i thinked u are cool :smiley: after i got ban because i asked help like this guy i think u actually on purpose asked that i am banned, because that ban was like without info, just ban 3 days… -.-

I mean if somone write help with griefers in public there is more possible they get ban not those who actually grief them not those who ask help…

also probably until officials has real admins or updated rules IN PVE , everyone should more play on player maked servers, like larantiels server or those who is near liveplace… atleast then if someone walls u in admins can free u :smiley:

Everyone should start something like strike - stop play official pve until admins are added or griefers banned :smiley:

lol ok :smirk:

There’s several hundred toxic players and clans that have been reported. It can take up to an hour to research and observe to take proper action against each one.

You have to understand something. They don’t have Pippi tools on officials. Pippi allows server admins to tell where undermeshing is, where every building piece is, where every placeable is, where every thrall and pet is, how many of each of those things, and allows us to see chat logs. All at a glance.

What takes me mere minutes to check would take a Funcom admin hours of using Ghost and flying around and through the map to check for the reports. And if they cannot find a well hidden base. It doesn’t exist to them. And the report gets dropped.

So this toxic clan the OP is talking about, may simply have avoided detection. Which isn’t hard. To get caught on officials, you have to be caught while one of those admins are floating around really obvious-like. While it does happen, its rare.

What probably happened is the admin responded to the ticket, logged on the server. Saw no one online during that timeframe, and then logged off, and closed the ticket for lack of evidence. They can’t simply ban on the word of a player after all. And with no one around doing the dirty deeds, well there’s not much they can do.

I think your solution is to police yourselves. Instead of spreading out over 400 servers. Get a coalition together and play on a few servers. Institute your own rules and enforce them by any means at your disposal. It’d work best if you played on PVP servers so you can actually do a server wide enforcement. A toxic clan of 5 individuals wouldn’t stand a chance against an entire server at capacity for 24 hours straight.

If you’re relying on enforcement of someone who can login for about 5 minutes at a weird and random time, then its just not going to work.

Your reply doesn’t help, man. All you’re saying is basically change to a pvp server and make alliances because Funcom is unreliable. Sorry, but we play on PVE for a reason… to avoid the junk of PVP. We shouldn’t have to start all over because Funcom can’t be bothered to do something about the obvious. I mean, how hard is it to log on, see a giant wall around my base, and ban the clan responsible? At this point, I don’t care if they remove every little bit of stuff. I just want them off the server to avoid more issues. They’re actively trying to grief me and it’s taking the fun out of a game I invested a lot of time in (and MONEY, Funcom!) If they just got banned, their stuff will eventually decay and despawn.


I did… a CM closed it when I asked what the status was after 2 days of no action. I’m not sure what kind of a delay they estimate, but after a week, most stuff starts to decay. I’m somewhat fortunate that this clan decided to build an open gate for me a few days later so I can access my base, but I’m in constant paranoia that they’ll just decide to put a door on the gate and try to wall me in while I’m there. And yay… what a bunch of nice folk… they put a gate on my base while simultaneously keeping me from expanding the property, triggering aggro from surrounding npcs every time I go by, and preventing the respawn of surrounding resources! Way considerate!

How’s that going?

By your account, you’re being PVP’d regardless of what server type you chose. But its out of principle and principle alone that you don’t give yourself tools to deal with it.

So to answer your question on response time, most users here say its between 8 and 12 weeks. So you’ve got a 2-3 month wait to see a resolution. And then you’ll see some action taken. Then you have to pray someone else doesn’t do the same thing otherwise its another 2-3 month wait.

So 2-3 months everytime you have an issue (but again, that’s with found evidence). But at least you stuck to your principles. That is ultimately your choice.

Why they do not install Pippi tools on officials? If it can solve the problem …

Takes longer than a week.

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It seems some ‘wannabe’ pvpers (not true pvpers) fleed the pvp servers after they had got too many beatings and then decided that its easier to build gates and walls around pve players then facing tigers and horses and to get continiously slaughtered.

I hope your matter is solved shortly.

That is a very good question.

It literally would cut down the response from 8-12 weeks to days. And the benefit is you all get access to amazing chat features. But there could be some issues with officials being bound to a 3rd party mod. When it updates, the servers have to be restarted and such is one such issue. And then if Pippi really malfs something up… well you get the idea.

They haven’t malfed stuff up too badly before. Not TOO badly :smile: but its an out of house possibility.

That seems like it would certainly be worth the risk in the long run if they primed the community ahead of time. I would hate to lose my stuff, but if it meant a better moderation experience and more appropriately timed responses to the obvious issues that plague official servers, I may be willing to take that risk.

Yeah, they claimed that they were on a PvP server previously and something about obnoxious building and abuse and they decided to join their friend on this one. That being said, they’ve basically done the same abuse here. They claimed, “we took over the last server and we’re gonna take this one over too.” They’ve basically laid claim to so many spots. In that video you can see an obnoxious base literally right outside Sinners Refuge where I was trying to farm thralls. Obviously they spotted me and decided they’d do something about it.

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They said they cannot install all of pippa and it may be legal reasons and you must remember since most don’t that they are bound by contact with owners of Conan universe and g portal that may not allow them to implement any or all mods and things that they do with out losing any and all contracts /legal with its affiliates so what they can or cannot add from pippa mod I don’t know but so if they witch they said in qa stream that they cannot so yeahhin both there company and it’s