Toxic clan reported a week ago and Funcom hasn’t done anything about it


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Makes you wonder if that’s all true or just excuses. :thinking:

Well half of your text is simply not true. You do have almost every feature you have on pippi also in the “base game”. You just need to know the commands and how to use it. You can also check chat logs etc. without pippi. And it doesn’t even take that much longer. Believe me when I’m saying that they have all the tools they need to ban and act accordingly to their rules with or without pippi, doesn’t even take much longer.

This right here is not any good solution for the problem. I’m tired of solving all the problems funcom should solve. It’s like telling people to “stop going to the police make your own group of justice and take care of the crimes!!!”

So now imagine the toxic clan also knows how to undermesh and glitch. Should I also take care of that with my justice group? Because that won’t solve the issue. It’s a short term solution for a long term problem.

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Again, only solution to this idiotism is to stop play officials, so they will get only “toxic” clans, because i say that i left 3 servers, and even i can give u names there and chat text, when 3 idiots for example from last server, they did nothing, but i grinded 7 days that chaos fuel, and server decide to give public announcement of t4 surge… So 3 morons come to me kills and steal all good thralls, and u guess what, also all recipes stealed, basically i got griefed, and what they say - because we can do that , u can cry…

Problem there is new map mechanism itself - i mean why the hell open PVE servers, when map is in code maked for PVP this is wtf… sure they will get megamuch tickets of griefers…
I mean - why vault forexample closes after boss not after first pressure, its because for others that can come and steal, why do even traps or surge is announced in public? its because code helps griefers, to see where u can grief, its ok in PVP or PVE-c but this is IDIOTISM in pve… all u can see is some morons runing away with trall u hardly knocked out, and guess who inspired them -
This video

Exact 2:57 minute

Only way to now do some thing is to make private servers where is admins and they can ban instantly… this counts on exile lands and siptah, because toxicity is everywhere… only who is doing anything… well i got 2 out of 3 clans deleted but it was like - all players in server reported them 7 days in row… then something happened…

Ok , so here’s the REAL story from the other side, I am a part of the clan being talked about and want to clear our name… this is how everything got started between clans and it is really how it happened, first myself and 2 other members of our clan were taking part in OUR purge, minding our business, it was thralls and animals from jabal sag, so we’re fighting the animals and here comes this guy , ““SUSIE-Q”” and starts harvesting our animals right in front of us, not a huge deal, we got in game chat and told him to get the [email protected]# out of here, he then left and got his clan mate ““MARY”” and came back, at that point one of my clan mates got pinned down by a horde of animals and died, and was returning to his body, they came back and killed a named Carpenter from the purge that we would’ve captured if it wasn’t for their interference, and then proceeded to harvest my dead clan mates corpse, we have NEVER been on a pvp server, and we just want to play the game without people messing with us like the next guy, the way we see it putting the wall around their base and killing those two named he had was payback for killing our NAMED PURGE CARPENTER, AND HARVESTING OUR MATES BODY, don’t mess with the bull start stuff if you don’t want to pay the consequences… maybe tell the truth next time and don’t try to make yourselves look innocent like we’re harassing you because that’s the furthest thing from the truth and yall know it…

Not to mention we have tried contacting him on PSN but he has us blocked…

Btw your main base is in 6K that little outpost we walled in wasn’t like it’s your only base, you have an enormous base in 6K

Is true but that’s taken in
All mods not just pippa but I’m on Xbox and so I cannot use pippa but they said they cannot implied all of pippa for various reasons but I don’t know all or any of them just mods do things they cannot without loss of Conan exiles license and they game would have to be discontinued which I really don’t want to happen at alllllllllllll

Well, the more I read, the more I learn. Also the experience seems to be a real story.

Correct. There will be a delay. They are following a process and that process takes time.

Part of the process is that you will not be notified of any action taken.

It may be a few more weeks, and posting in the general area about it will not speed up the process.

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