Training dummy?

Is it possible we could see a way to passively train our followers in the future?

I feel like letting a thrall sit at a training dummy could be very helpful for players.
Training ground sounds better, just a place to train followers and animals.
Something like that would help take off some of the stress of having to replace everything if you get nuked by an alpha clan.

Just a thought.

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It would be a nice idea if thralls would train passively maybe at 50% less exp gains at home.

Nice idea :+1:

Let’s try and add some ideas.

Auto training at 20% or maybe 30% exp would save time. keeping a special station that say, can only train 2 at a time and is limited to one station per clan?

The idea is to help recover faster because let’s face it, by the time a weaker clan can gather all they need to defend again it’s already halfway through raid time.

Any clan big or small sometimes has trouble staying organized and will often miss key details while trying to do so, something about the raid time has most minds in a jumble.

From high-value resources to high-traffic areas, these spots can and often do take a lot of time to farm and on top of that base building or repair.
Gathering and crafting both take time, be it farming iron or thralls or dungeons, even PVP takes time.

that’s all for now.

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