Training stands for companions


I would like to make a suggestion for a new skill category. It would be great if there were training stands for companions. for example an archery range. there you could, for example, enter a disciplinarian as a trainer and 2 companions for leveling.

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Actually it would be nice for both and the fighters and the archers. Their training grounds should make sure that stats will rize more in our choise. For perks I don’t speak anymore, we have the elixirs!
In extension of it, I would love to have a trainer in Sepermeru.
To give my thralls as tokens and give it back to me lvl 20 for a big amount of gold 1000 coins for example . A different trainer for fighters and another for archers. Why not a beast tamer on Buccaneers Bay to give us our pets ready too.

Agreed that we need additional ways to level up thralls and pets. Even with War Party and the ability to level two thralls/pets at once, it still takes a long time to get your followers to max level. If Overseers won’t do, then maybe the option to use a fighter or archer to train other fighters and archers.

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