[Translation German] Tokyo - Wetware

Small translation error. When doing the mission Wetware. At the point where you have to open the engine hood of the ambulance, the engine hood is translated as “Kapuze”. That’s completely wrong in this context. “Kapuze” is a hood (but only for clothing) and it has to be “Motorhaube”.

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As an austrian this made my day…time to photoshop a kapuze on an ambulance XD

I don’t know if this or other translations will be fixed. I reported this and other mistakes ages ago.

There is still a game breaking translation mistake in “Immersion”. English: “enter cave”, german: “eingabe hoehle”. That would be like “input cave” in english.

If you guys and gals using the german client can collect a bunch of translation errors I may can throw it against a devs forcing them to pay attention about it and duck.

Alternatively you can go on discord to chat with dev directly.

Kapuze is now also in SA:

Thanks for the report. We’ll get these fixed in an update.

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