Transmog? Vote simple

Yes. The Fashionist mod even allows you to turn “off” the helmet (not shown).


I would be against the heavy to light or other way round simply to maintain a balance in pvp. as it is very important to know if you are hitting a Heavy armor rather than a light armor. But sure! Hide helmet option I would give a (Y)

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I hear what you’re saying, but I guess I just don’t get it. Why is it “important” to know if you are hitting a heavy armor rather than light armor? I mean, you’re still hitting the other player whether its four times or three times, to kill 'em, right? Its not like different armors have different defenses (like heavy is immune to bleeds), right? Its just one armor has more “numbers” than another armor.

So, why is it “important” to know if it has no impact on what you do in a fight? I don’t get it.

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I just think it makes the most sense

even tho I think medium armor has the most cool armors ingame and I would love if I could make every apperance to some medium armor I just see the downside in pvp.

both the Dodge & DMG u take with a heavy armor is diffrent than one with Light armor
I think also stemina gain is diffrent wearing the diffrent type of armors
and in pvp to take a scenario; it matter of who is who
useally if people bring an ench builder they useally run in heavy armor which would be very hard to see if all just mogged into same armor & also to base a dicission on who to kill first based on much.

I am not saying that this is perfect thought thru but I just think light to light & so forward makes the most sense. Im not saying it is final. :slight_smile:

Ok. I agree that they are different. But I guess I’m just looking at the “reaction” part since, for some reason, its “important.”

A person in heavy armor dodges. How does that change your attacks vs. someone who dodges in light armor? Is there something a PvP player does differently depending on the other person’s dodge (when one’s enemy is wearing heavy armor but reacts different when one’s enemy is wearing light armor)? I don’t see any reaction difference. Both dodges are treated the same way. In both cases, the PvP attempts to close the gap from the dodge regardless of what armor the enemy wears.

So again, I still don’t understand why its “important” to see what armor an enemy wears if it makes no impact on the combat or tactics used.

I’m going to trot out my old idea like the broken vinyl record that I am :wink:

Transmog should be opt-in by clients. In other words, there should be an in-game option that each player could change, which controls what the player wants the game to render: real armor or cosmetic armor.

If you want to make it really fancy, you can also add a server setting for the default armor display mode and then make the client setting have three options: “real armor”, “cosmetic armor”, “server default”. Then the decision table would look like this:

  • if the client is set to “real armor”, render real armor
  • if the client is set to “cosmetic armor”, render cosmetic armor
  • if the client is set to “server default”:
    • if the server is set to “real armor”, render real armor
    • if the server is set to “cosmetic armor”, render cosmetic armor

And then you set the server to “real” for PVP and PVE-C servers and “cosmetic” for PVE servers.

But honestly, just a simple opt-in option on the client would be enough.


thats a well put out way of doing it :slight_smile:

maybe you are right.

It makes difference because if your enemy is wearing a heavy armor, he will regenerate stamina much slower.
And while on heavy armor you can dodge only 4 times (against 6 on light armor).
Besides this, on heavy armor, an enemy obviously has more damage reduction, that way it can influence in your weapon choice and/or upgrade choice. (This is less likely to happen, but can still happen).

It influences in your combat choices. When to run, when to push and etc…
For example. Wearing light armor i would use dodge roll agressively to keep pressuring the enemy. On heavy armor you will pay a much higher price for doing this.


Thanks for making this more clear :slight_smile:

Thank you for those PvP tips. That’s beginning to make sense.

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I hope that we are to agree in the end :slight_smile:

I didnt know the exact numbers of rolls & stuff I am glad the guy came to clear it out :slight_smile:



If your gonna limit transmog… there no reason for transmog.

Outside certain elements that need limits. =p .
You can limit Legendarily like most games, So you can’t hide them. Making heavy Armor look light isnt really negitive… Cause PVP has a pretty set meta. You kinda just assume everyone has heavy on. XD

Its only ever issue when someone hides rare weapon. XD (which covers few games)

ESO has no limits, Outside really dumb ones like not being able to go naked or turn off certain parts of armor -_-’

I would be ok with hiding helmet, maybe few other pieces but i still think it is worth to read the attached quote for the sake of balance in pvp :grin:

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For PVE/solo those would be nice.


Not WoW , simple.

I will die on the hill of no transmog for the sake of scouting out the enemies build pre-engagement. However I also believe for that system to be effective then funcom needs to stop re-skinning/re-coloring weapons and armor.

Thats a similar idea yes I could live with that. make the apperance & set the stats :slight_smile:

bad , even in pve i really want to know what peoplke is wearing. :slight_smile: we do have some PVP (with the banners) ,. so its really really a bad idea,.

“Oh no, the enemy is wearing heavy armour, so I have estimated from visual alone that I need to hit them seven times instead of five! If they have used transmog I will be unable to engage them because I… umm… I… might only allow myself to hit them five times and won’t be able to hit them further because I couldn’t make the assessment?”

Who gives a flying toss? Hit it until it dies and stop making absurd reasons for why transmog would break your overcomplication of what is an utterly simple procedure.