Transportory Stone Range

What is the max range (distance) between tansportory stones? There is a limit as I have found. I built a tower for diving and was getting tired of climbing the stairs or taking multiple elevators, so figured I’d place a portal near the top. The one in photo is on floor 313. Since you don’t get 100% materials back when dismantling one, I have been hesitant to build multiple stones to find the max height (although that’s probably what I will end up doing).

You mean you managed to build 313 foundations-walls high?

Well to be honest, my first instinct is telling me that there is no distance limit and you’re just misinterpreting a glitched UI message. As in, it’s not saying that stone is too far away from another stone. It’s saying your character is standing too far away from that particular stone to ignite it.

Pretty sure we’ve all seen weird stuff like that happen in this game from time to time. Try shifting your character around, maybe crouching down, or rebuild the stone. Could be all kinds of things that makes the game get confused about something.


As you can see in the photo, I was standing fairly close to the middle of the stone, but tried again and moved around a couple of times and it activated. Thanks for the idea / solution.

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