Trapped inside animals both Pet and Animal MOBs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]

Both Pet and Animal MOBs can trap a player inside of them. Allowing the dodge roll to pass through NPC/MOBs would alleviate this and other stuck issues.

Situation 1. Fighting a Gorilla it pounced on top of my character and then stopped like it lost sight of me but I was in fact inside of it. I can’t attack, roll out of it or anything. I have to kill my character if it doesn’t decide to move.

Situation 2. When following Pets often teleport close if they lag too far behind. When I stopped my Elephant appeared on top of me, as before no dodge roll, squatting or movement gets me out. I must remove my bracelet losing time and perhaps my Pet location.

NOTE: The problem was compound by the fact I was crossing another players land so I couldn’t simply move my pet, it gave a land claim error, which is another issue. If I stop follow on a players land my Pet scouts, pick up and moving should do the same. Instead I was trapped.

Dodge roll through can also help when your own Thrall/Pet may trap you inside of a little room or crevice as well as other players that have many Thralls/Pets on their land that may crowd and trap you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put a large pet on Follow (e.g. Elephant/Rhino)
  2. Walk/Run a while and stop
  3. Possibility the pet stops on top of you and traps you

Hello @willprot, thank you for your submission!

We’re already aware of this issue, more often than not rolling helps getting unstuck, but unfortunately in extreme cases such as the one you’ve mentioned in the first situation, it seems that it can get players stuck permanently.

We’ll be sure to forward the additional information provided to the developers!

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