Treasures of turan dlc cant find anywhere to buy

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [USA East coast server]

[Not sure if its a bug but all my friends and me cant buy the new dlc treasures of turan. Conens website says it should have been avaliable already since the 15th. Also unlike ps4 we dont have or see a way to also purchase a season 2 pass. So my questions are 1. Does xbox even have an option for a season pass and 2. How can we purchase the new dlc when no one can see it on the store and/or season pass. If its not out for xbox one yet does anyone know when it will be?]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to xbox 1 store
  2. Search conen exiles
  3. Only see add on dlcs:savage frontier, jewel of the west, seekers of the dawn, and the imperial east pack. not see dlc treasures of turan or season 2 pass option

The last respond i get for 2 days this patch still in verification of microsoft so we still havve too wait and no i dont have seen on x box a option too get a seson bundel but i hope we will get it one day but so long we dont get it i dont buy any dlc

Thank you for answering

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