Tree house building competition example

My dear @Spynosaur_Nicole, unfortunately I didn’t made it on time to present the idea since the topic is closed. There for I created this one to (hopefully) trigger your interest for a tree house competition. Tree houses are really necessary for the game not only for their beauty, but because a construction like this affects the less the spawns around your environment. Too many players believe that a tree house is only for beauty, it cannot follow the building requirements of the game, especially now that the crafting benches are big. Well… This is a myth, tree houses are capable to fit every single thing, ofcurce not an animal pen or multiple religions, but one at least :wink:. In any case I remember I read in the past something about smaller animal pens so if this happens then we will be able to fit a pen like this in a tree house.
I remember starting online years ago, I played a lot single player before I start online, so the first time I saw a tree house was a great surprise for me. Maybe I was looking at it more than 5 minutes like the country child seeing a helicopter for the first time in his life :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It was so beautiful, so beautiful. Back then I didn’t knew how to use admin mode, so my efforts was always difficult and… less. This didn’t stopped me however and when I finally managed to build a small tree house that could fit everything I was very proud for my self. The bad thing is that I did this effort on a pvp server so you understand that it didn’t last long :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Closing, the greatest reason I want this competition is to trigger players to build more tree houses in the game, especially in pve servers. This type of build is very creative and it gives wonderful feelings to the builder, so it is necessary for a gamer to have an experience like that.

Enough talking, I hope you’ll enjoy.

Like I told you in my first suggestion, to make this competition more challenging the tree house must not touch the ground, otherwise it’s not actually a tree house :wink:

Yet if I remember correctly I promised a map room on it so…

I really hope you enjoy it thank you.


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