Suggestion on the taming Den and its size

So while i love the Taming den and all of its glory…Why is it so large.

I love the pie shaped that it comes in… Can we get this in modular fashion so that if we wanted to tame one pet we can do that or if we wanted to tame multiple pet we could just add more.

I feel like this is the Most Anti Building creativity because its like instead of finding a home for it… its a home and its near impossible to fit it anywhere when you cant see thru it or around it and apparently the Length of placing is either too far thus it make the building dispear or its up in yo face like we have no mirrors.

SO a Suggestion As a placement item increase the range of it before it disappears so that i can have an idea of why i cant place it.

Or provide a similar quality of strength but smaller sorry… it just the first building that just so Anti of itself as far as building creative.

I’ll admit to ranting a bit (in world chat) about the ginormous size of the thing, but I actually kinda like it. It prevents casual pet-taming bases popping up all over (unlike wheel-and-a-hut slave camps).

It was a royal pain in the ■■■ to fit it within my base layout though, even though I thought I’d prepared a spot.

(Part of) it is a known suggestion Animal pens too big, make single animal pens

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