Tree missing due to Tree Foundations

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: -
Mods: None

Bug Description: Large tree gone missing after 3.0 Patch. I believe due the Tree Foundations as no other foundations were used.
Missing tree…

Missing tree location…

Bug Reproduction:

Add Tree Foundations over the tree and its gone.

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had this happen near Sinners refuge as well, but didn’t even get to place the tree foundations. had a small tower about 6-8 foundations away from the tree the tree has disapeared… the hit box remains as you can’t walk through it, so it makes a glitchy spot.

also happened a stone pillar on the same plateau. placed taming pen near it and poof the stone tower was gone.


Same thing with small mesas. My server the small plateau with the small mesa and large tree across from sinners, has been built over so the tree and mesa are both gone/not rendering.

Sinners seems to be one of the most over built areas on any server I’m on.


Yep. I have a Pit of Yog near the base of (but not clipping with) that tree. And poof, it’s gone. Funny thing, though, at the right distance and angle (coming down the hill from Spinebreaker’s) it does render… but not up close.

And the same issue with the rock outcrop above the dead tree / hyena spawns. But in that case, I did have a few foundations clipping into it.

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Yes can confirm, happens on our server too.

Here on the tree at Sinners Refuge.

Only pillars and fence foundations were used on the tree.

After I documented the de-render issue due to building pieces de-rendering terrain defined on top of mesh, I thought this might happen.

Back office decision makers, give the Devs more time to code and test.


Seems to be happening with a lot of trees, the ones by the hand have the same issue.

its weird its like they rebuild an older version of conan exiles. Some stuff in the world that was moved from a position for reasons like falling through the world have move back to that same spot it was moved from years ago.

I didn’t build ON the trees, but by the trees on the plateau south of the Oasis of Nekhet, and both the large Baoab trees disappeared as well. Their hitboxes are still there - I rubberband when I get into the area where the tree SHOULD be!

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I am having the same issue in front of Sinner’s Refuge. Rock formations and giant trees disappear when enough foundations or pillars are around while their collision somewhat stays.

Having the issue on both my modded server and could replicate it in an unmodded SP game save.


We were talking about this on Discord earlier. I went to sinners refuge and did a test. It took just 3 wedge foundations to make that rock dissapear. The other location Ive seen this happen is at the base of Tower of Bats.

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Greetings players!
Thank you for reporting this issue regarding the missing textures and graphics.

Our team is already investigating it as we speak!
Keep an eye on our forum for further details and announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us dear players!

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Same issue for me. Built our base at the far eastern edge in the Oasis of Nekhet next to the large tree there. It renders from a distance, but disappears when you get close.

The weird thing is the initial house is in the same location, but this didn’t start happening until I extended the house, but the extension was further from the tree than the rest of the house. This morning I tried demolishing all of the house close to the tree and restarting the server, but it still disappears immediately.

Same issue with the tree actually being there and making it glitchy. I built a fence around it for now so I don’t run into it.

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