Trees are disappeared after building a house


After we build an house in the jungle. With trees around our house. We dont cut the trees down.
But after we logging in back into the game, All trees around our house are disappeared.

Can anybody explain this?


Rocks, trees, spawns, everything will stop around buildings. Not sure how far around though.

Yep, this is a normal behavior. And the distance of resources disappearing is linked to the claim radius :slight_smile:

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But usually if you don’t cut trees they won’t disappear even if inside the claim radius. Same with rocks, branches and any other resources, they must be gathered before they coud or not respawn.

Until a server restart, maybe.

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Ah yes, I forgot about that.

The radius is 10 blocks.

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For a PC you can fiddle with land claim radius. It’s somewhere in .ini files. I’ve made it 0.1 for my SP and now my base is surrounded by trees, bush and rocks. I do not know if console users are allowed to edit .ini files of course but I think that server admins can do the same on their servers by FTP or so.

On Official servers, resources will be despawned within a 5-foundation radius of your construction; this roughly equates to a 2-second sprint. Therefore, if you have resources you want to leave intact, you’ll need to do some measurements before you start building.

Note: The land-claim radius is bigger the the distance within which resources are despawned, so you can actually use this to protect resources that are a medium distance away.

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