Truncheon kills thralls every time no matter what I try

From lvl 1 through lvl 60, my truncheon kills the thrall every time. I’ve tried everything from changing server settings, to redoing all of my attribute points starting with 0 and working my way up. I’ve tried thralls from lvl 1 up to the named ones. I’ve tried the different truncheons on every lvl of thrall. Same result every time. Can anyone help?

Are you useing normal attack (left click) or the power attack (right click)?

Using any mods? I have not had this problem at all.


I’m wondering what do you class as a truncheon? anything other than the basic truncheon to the steel truncheon or the legendary lovetap only does 1 damage and a ton of concussion damage the blue bar above the thralls health bar.

My advice…make sure you have 10 in STR for double concussion damage and no thralls following you. Check that your weapon only has 1 damage by default.

Try that!

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Never had this happen with any truncheon. Maybe its a bug or an outdated mod?

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If you use a “truncheon” at low level then it’s a mace and not a truncheon.

Yeah that’s the other most likely culprit. Not everything that looks blunt qualifies as a truncheon - only a few specific weapons with the actual name “truncheon” in them count.

Once upon a time I added the wrong type of damage enhancer to an iron truncheon, which was a very bad idea…

Are you sure you equip truncheon and not mace or you could try blunt weapon fitting for more knock out damage.

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