Trying to get a reach an old friend @ Dumbox

I’m unable to mention them so if someone with mention permissions can I will be eternally grateful…

Hello this is Vinyl-Scratch from The Secret World Not Legends speaking. If you are reading this and interested in running some nostalgic dungeons with other old geezers like Headbanger and me (and we are trying to get a hold or more people of course) in TSW please contact me on Discord Vinyl Scratch#2079 . Yes servers are still running and old client can be downloaded just fine.


Haven’t seen DumbOx probably two years. He’s not in the Discord anymore, so I think he’s moved on.

That’s too bad. Thank you for the info though.

He still plays SWL (mostly for raiding with cabal), we have notified him on discord so i suppose he’ll see it whenever he gets on at some point soon :smiley:


They’ve reached me. You have my thanks!