Trying to get my account back from back in the day

In 2009 I had an account with the characters Invigoration (Still a 197 Doc, although it looks like someone hacked it in 2010 and gave it a silly nickname) and Mafromhell (still a 163 MA as it was back then and also has a stupid nickname applied and was logged into in 2010 by someone that wasn’t me).

I can’t remember what the actual account name was and I doubt I have access to the email address attached to it either. Does anyone know if there is a channel I can go down to get the account back and if I’d likely get a response from FC on this?


If the names are something like: R########### or if it is Name-1 then it’s because of the server merges that happened a few years later.

Try the official discord or a support ticket :slight_smile:

Thank you, how do I raise a support ticket? Do they get timely responses?

I didn’t mean the actualy names had changed just the nicknames at the start and end of them. I looked them up on Auno which was the best support site back in day, I dunno about now.