Trying to love it, but I think I hate it...where to go?

I have spent an insane amount of time (for me) leveling to level 52 on a PvP server and I keep getting robbed blind by level 60s.

Well, I just pulled the plug on it. I have no regrets as I think I logged enough fun hours to justify the cost…but now I am wondering if Conan Exiles and me has any future?

What I was looking for was the ability to play on a server with other people and do some PvP…but not have “leet” players poke a single hole in my base and rob me of hours of work when I am offline…repeatedly. They can even take all the stuff on my character, which is beyond lame.

Ok, complaining aside, the multiplayer in this game is just not for me. Is this game worth it as a solo player? Considering that I’ve already leveled to 52 and experienced a lot of the grind only to delete myself from the PvP server I was on…will I find the rest of the content worth it if I start a second attempt in my solo environment?


I think what you want is a private server.
There are private servers that enforce a no off line raids rule.
And friendly Pvp is the focus of these servers. Some even offer “starter kits” to ease the grind.

But to answer your question, Single play is viable.
How long you want to put into it depends on you.
Do you really enjoy the building aspect? If you’re a PC player ctrl+alt+shift+f10 while in admin mode, will allow building without cost so you can build to your hearts content without the grind.

You can also use the admin panel to level yourself to 60.


It depends on which aspects of the game you enjoy most, personally I enjoy the journey more than reaching the destination (not just on CE) and regularly restart games to try a different approach. You might want to try PvE-C, I haven’t tried it myself but you might find that it offers the experience that you’re looking for.


Singleplayer ->

I guess that it all depends on the style and pace of game you prefer. I have been a purely Offline Singleplayer since launch and wouldnt have it any other way. But I prefer to absorb the atmosphere, exploration and sense of adventure over duelling with other players. For me Conan Exiles was actually something I at first brought at launch to fill the void left by Skyrim until the next Elder Scrolls game. Sure enough 2.5 years later and I am still here. Singleplayer has its own pros nad cons just like other modes. Cons: it can feel lonely after playing with others online. Pros: when you make yourself Admin in singleplayer you can solve thae vast majority of your own problems. Examples: Dont want to grind back to level 52, then just level yourself manually in the admin panel. If your shine or other item is lost, spawn in a new one. You can turn off the drop ewuipment on death setting, and teleport yourself anywhere on the map Skyrim style at any given moment. You can also freely use ALL weapons to play, whereas using certain ones, just for example sake Greataxes, would be suicide on PvP.

PvE-C ->

Alternatively you may be better off just going with a PvE Conflict server LordGrognard. It is basically PvE, but you can play PvP with other players within certain hours. However, you can not destroy each others bases and structures. So you can always take refuge in your base during battle hours until you progress to level 60, or if you just dont feel like PvPing on that day. This way you dont run the risk of losing everything.

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Like others explained, what you want is either a PVE-C server or a private PVP server. PVE-C servers have a “PVP” time window. During that time, players can:

  • deal damage to other players
  • kill other players
  • loot stuff from the inventory of players who have logged out in the open

Things that players on PVE-C servers can never do:

  • loot other players’ containers
  • damage or destroy other players’ buildings

As someone else said, a private server might be more your thing. The tricky part is you’ll need to do some google searching for this. But there is a large number of PVP private servers that do limit the offline raiding aspect of the game, requiring a declaration in order to raid someone and proof that they are online usually through their discord server.

One thing I would say, and this is good advice for anyone reading, is don’t get so attached to a character. Anything you build can be rebuilt pretty easily. Things are easy to replace. And even having to level a new character isn’t that bad. Of course getting robbed blind everytime you logoff is like being on a treadmill slapping you in the groin the entire time and that’s understandable.

But what I mean is don’t be afraid to try different servers. You mind find you like playing vanilla settings one day, and may want to do modded another day. When you find you’re not attached to a single character, you can handle playing the game a multitude of ways. And if you play on a server that wipes periodically you see it as an opportunity to play something new, rather than see it as hours down the drain.

I’ve personally leveled 1-60 (and 1-120, and higher in some cases due to mods) probably about twenty to thirty times. Starting over hasn’t bothered me and I’ve played on about a dozen servers (none of them official though, I can’t go more than 5 minutes, they’re just to laggy and rubber bandy for me).

The game is at its most fun when you’re with a group of buddies. Either RL friends, some online friends, or just random dudes you join on a server. Sometimes you can just join a server, say in global that you’re looking for a clan, and someone might just take you in.

If RP isn’t something you’re above doing, you could even try one of the many RP servers. RPers make a good chunk of the CE community. Whats great about that is you have goals and achievements you could seek out that are intangible that you may not have every sought to do before.

You don’t have to be a full on D&D player or of the like. Most RP servers, especially those with a PVP bent, will take lite-RPers, where you have a focus for your character in your head, and you kinda speak like them, but overall you’re still playing the game.

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There’s plenty of Official PVP servers where people will let you level before raiding you… And if you’re solo, build small and hidden. (If you’re on PS4 EU, I’ll show you some good spots, just pm me if you want)

Also don’t waste time farming / Building anything you don’t immediately need before 60. It takes sooo much longer without good tools.

And there’s a lot of cool people playing. I found some great people through the forum recruitment section. Also just by chatting with people on servers. Maybe hook up with someone.

And don’t worry about losing everything. When you know what you’re doing, you can be set up again in a couple of days… Especially if you build small.

If you wanna build big, find a clan. Or if you wanna build big and pretty, go PVE(-C). Building on PVP is all about function.

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Everyone that has replied have good points with good reasons to keep playing the game. Experiment with your options I sure you’ll find a type to keep you in the game. What platform do you play on.?

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I don’t know if you’re on PC, if you are and have a second PC, you can always set up your own server using SteamCMD. Password it and just jam with your friends and people you know. Set it up the way you want it. If you don’t have a second PC or play on another platform, rent a private server. Same results.
Single player is fine for a while, but once you’ve done everything you can do 50 times, it gets stale unless you’re a wizard at coming up with ideas to entertain yourself.



PvP in this game is more like 90-95% PvOfflineRaid. Plenty of topics go into Why but fact is fact. Great PvP in this game can be had…just has to be done with a good Admin overseeing the battle. Dueling is an option (kind of Role Playing) on any server with the Funcom added War Banners. Place one down and PvP is ON in that vacinity of the war banner.

So basically…PvP is at its VERY best in a Private Server where the Admin keeps the trash clean. Those pesky hole pokers you describe would be spoken to and if they continue to do it I would simply tell them to go play Official PvP if they want to do that…not in this server. 2 strikes…3 is banned. Simple and Fair.

As for playing…the game is really a very solo game with a lot of grind. Grind means different to different people so perhaps menial tasks to progress along may be more appropriate.

  • Single player is very viable for awhile…especially for getting your building kicks and practice in. I would recommend making the game as barbaric and hard as possible though to keep the challenge and interest up.
  • If on PC…Join a good Role Play Type Private Server. The good ones have a Modlist you can see and review them on Steam. One that you know is not turning off at anytime soon. RPing is fun…just chatting in shorter sentences…kind of like texting live with peeps in game…dynamic and a lot of fun. PvP is almost always an option since the design of the game works best if PvP is left on in the server settings (gets less weirded out). Most of the time you will be alone and doing your thing anyhow. If you enjoy the social life usually there is a Discord for that server for peeps to engage outside of the game…schedule a meet in game or go on some nice adventures…or even the adult part and do the adult things (and yeah…it can be really good/fun)…plenty of options. Play a couple that interest you to compare side by side.

Not a sales pitch but I list everything out on my server in both CE Forums and my Discord (as an example). I can openly recommend a couple others too that I have played personally that may work but will not advertise them on the forums. You can give my server a go…yeah…has A LOT more challenge but is very immersive and I run a very clean ship. The server is a lot of fun once a player gets used to the enhanced challenge.

Lastly here is a topic from veterans that have good opinions on how we keep playing this game. You will notice a lot of common replies.



Get in on that PVE-C action. Other players to interact with. PVP from 5-11pm. And nobody can hurt or rob your structures. Worried about losing gear on your body when you log? Throw it all in a chest and sleep naked. :slight_smile:

@LordGrognard I don’t think anyone mentioned yet the Battle Standard. You can play PvE so all your things are safe, but place a Battle Standard to make a small arena stage. I’ve never built one but @Wak4863 made a video showing some of the details about it (linked in the wiki page).

If your PC is capable enough, you can also run a server and play on that server from the same machine. I set up a dedicated server on my new PC to test some things and I’m a complete newb when it comes to network stuff like that.


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