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I’m going on my 3rd year with Conan. So I created a vault storage build recently and I am trying to max most of the vaults. 105 vaults to start with room to build more. Me and a clan mate like to farm and have several vaults maxed already so it should not be hard to max most. Each vault is a single item not mixed. On the bottom lay we have the argos build with vaulted ceilings and we displayed every weapon on the walls. We are selling any weapons to players that want to purchase. It’s pretty cool. Keeps me engaged and a way to keep farming. I’m also meeting new players which is always fun.

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Well I’m a PVP player for me I jump servers. I’ve been all over the EU and US servers
I try private servers form time to time.

I test Mods

And I’ve been running a single player game from day one that’s never been wiped,
on which I do all my build testing. Some land rework has forced me to ghost to remove some buildings but it’s mostly intact.

Right now I’m on an EU server practicing hiding, I have a little 2x2 hut. no one has found for two weeks so far.

I use my neighbors work benches, he doesn’t realize I can climb in and out.
I just bring my own mats. Sometimes I leave things just to mess with his head.

And I dye the armour of anyone I find logged out in the open, or a base that’s no so secure. :wink:


Classic LOL
What color do you dye the armour?

My clan likes to put an arch priest in T3 altars they have “locked” in their bases. It freaks them out trying to figure out when they got an arch, and how we stole it.


??? What? why there is no other info about switches o.o

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Whatever dye I happen to have on me, I usually just get dye from looting mobs.


The game rewards exploration & curiosity. I’ve found loads of things that aren’t advertised, and many things that are nods to other games and people.


I got bored so i started to organize weekly events every Saturday on the server since the 11 April (Pvp fight, jousting, Horse race). That brought a bunch of players to the server and brought back some of the old one that were getting bored too. That gave some players new building project to make racetrack and Arena :slight_smile:


it’s just an easter egg of the cinematic gaming channel neebs gaming , and has nothing to do with the actual game except give you a good chuckle if you have the sound on :wink:

also to respond to the op , as this is a sandbox game you will decide what shape your endgame will look like but the choice of pve / pve-c or pvp will also take a big part in said endgame furthermore to the server you select ( private or official ) as the community on them will vary from nice welcoming to aggressive an non welcoming …

but if you find yourself without goals with all that the previous people posted I don’t know what to say more :wink:


@ChaonThe5th Something else you could try that I don’t think anyone mentioned yet is Testlive. When a new beta branch comes out, switch over to the testlive version, review the patch notes and start poking & prodding at whatever game mechanics they say have been worked on and try to break them.

Nah, leave it on. If they don’t find the treasure soon enough they didn’t earn it :laughing:


You were actually who I thought of and based that particular point off of Shadoza. I immediately thought of yourself and some of your tales of raiding. I admit it does sound like a lot of fun! I hope to try it someday towards the end of the games life cycle. But for the monent I just cannot bring myself to do so, primarily because of how well established my current character is. It took me over 6 months of grinding and building to create my 3 storey Black Ice manor without cheating, and I just cant bring myself to part with it. I wish we could plant a flag (optional) or something similar to ‘reclaim’ the structure for our new character if we wanted to.


As @Kanza1 pointed out it is just an easter egg of sorts and doesnt actually yield any sort of tangible rewards. But it is just something to do for a little fun.

I also recall seeing in the Conan Exiles trailer that somewhere in the Frozen North there is a large boulder or platform sliding down a slope, which it appears we can ride on somewhat like a surfboard. Although I have never found this yet myself. If anyone else should happen to know where this is located, then by all means please post it here.


I don’t remember where it is exactly, but I remember riding it down the hill. Somewhere near the black Yeti maybe?

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Fight all the bosses, collect all the legendaries. I’m a completionist so the game keeps me entertained for a very long time. Build a mighty castle and show off your collection. Once you’ve done it all; start over and try something different each time. Savor the levelling process, it’s just as engaging as endgame.

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essence of rot at bottom of campfire inventory ftw ;]

It’s at the northern part of Icespire Chasm, just below the volcano.

You don’t gain anything from it except a good laugh - well, for us anyway. It’s pretty hard to get on the thing in the first place. Enjoy the ending!


i prefer being the “helping npc”… lend knowledge in chat, help frustrated players, give em new tricks and stuff to do, maintain a quest board (players got something to do easy, i get resources that i am bored to harvest easy). lend a helping hand in any dungeon needed(no loot for me) , show players alternatives (like dungeons with no thralls- i often mention that i will be their thrall :PPP- thus engaging them to get that a dungeon with company is far better than thralling one), helping newcomers with ss masks and some gear to easier grinding their 1st home, and at my free time trying to master the bosses ( kill kingscourge solo with no healing on u, kill witch queen without taking a hit, solo arena champion, solo scorpion queen, do sunken city alone etc) and yes i have died a million time there and lost some stuff, but the heck that makes me redo the whole proccesss and have fun . i have not tried the wine cellar solo yet … but it is on my plans XD


Been playing since just prior to Highlands being added to Conan Exiles. Early 2017.

Like many others have said Private Servers (PC Version…Not really available for consoles)…especially Role Play Centrist keeps players playing. No B.S. PvP is fun but in very limited (Role Played up to it) and Admin Monitored Event Form. Even if you don’t Role Play that much or perhaps not ‘RPd’ before. Meeting a few peeps and chatting while drinking and eating is intoxicating. Feeling your character come to life by YOUR hands is a really cool feeling…and not just controlling animations and hacking at harvesting s-h-i-t. I will say that a 5/10/20x Harvest and quick 60 and build your base in 1 weekend is a wild and fun experience…just do that in Single Player Mode to get your build kicks…it leaves the rest of the game very dull. There is a really fine balance to giving enough harvest and keeping things interesting. I have it figured out personally.

A very good Role Play Server will have a number of mods. There are a lot of common ones and then some more specialized ones. When searching try to stay with servers that have the more common/stable mods since they rarely change and when they do they rarely break s-h-i-t. Which in the end makes everyone happy.

Finding a server with a good Admin. This is hard and takes some time to find. What makes a great Admin is that they care for their server. They build RP/Trade hubs for players to use, they help players with things but never give unrewarding free things (like various building pieces not yet known), they keep the server clean of garbage and leftovers from players who left, and they play their own server as a player hand crafting everything. Usually they will not put up with any Player B.S. either which keeps griefers/stalkers out and keeps the mood enjoyable. Sometimes Admin duties/responsibilities SUCK…but have to be done…DAILY.

Lastly, Conan Exiles is a lonely game. Even on the Official PvP f–k fests 90% of the time is playing solo or with clan members when they are online at the same time. It is a lot of repetitive activities to keep your building stocks high enough when a Purge/War happens and your base gets wrecked. Start rebuilding! PvP is more like PvOfflineRaid and few actual good PvP exists…so in essence it can be very toxic. As stated as a Role Play server with a good Admin the toxic behavior is nullified which makes this game A LOT of fun.

This may be a sales pitch but my server is a good example of what to look for. I have everything listed and described on both the Conan Forums here and my Discord. Sure it is an Adult server but that ERP part is just a tool…can be used or not…it is there for players to be fully immersed in a world that actually has that as a main theme…and we can run around nude. You can find the details here…

I can recommend another solid RP server with good Admins but will not advertise it here in the forums.

At the end of the day YOU have to decide what you deem fun. End game can be just Mid-Game if the Private Server Admin(s) make the game challenging and fun. Losing thralls can be great fun if they are mauled/wiped by great dungeon romps. Train and armor up another! That is what End Game should mean…not just grinding for the sake of more GRIND. F–k that! Let’s have some brutally satisfying fun and laugh our a$$e$ off while teaming up and then reliving our fun by telling tales in chat while getting drunk.

That is FUN. :laughing: :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for taking the time to read


We collaborate on the PVE server I am on. We run dungeons together, defend against Purges, even coordinate transport of materials.

What keeps the game interesting is the interaction with others, else-wise I would be in single-player mode.


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