Trying to play on a laptop, get a weird prompt

Im trying to load the game on a laptop vs my regular PC to play during the day, and when I run the game I get
Steam/steamapps/common/conanexiles/engine/globalshadercache-pcd3d_sm4.bin- is missing.

Says something about loading cooked content???

Can you right click the game on your Laptop and choose settings -> local Data -> Check integrity…

Maybe it fix the missing file.

I tried that, got the same prompt, will try copy a link to view the error prompt

weird, i did search for that file and was not able find it… sm4 is shadermodel 4… d3d -> Maybe directx… try to download and install newest directx… im not really sure what this does. Weird that i don’t have this file. Neither on the server then on the client

I think your graphic card is not working. So you can change it and also increase HARD drive capacity. Check out this link for touchpad issue