TSW new account - is it still possible?

I have an account for TSW and like to play the old version with my friend. but there is no more registration of new accounts available ?? is this true ?? can anyone help ?

If you can get hold of a valid (non-Steam) key you can still create a new TSW account at https://register.thesecretworld.com/account. But keys are no longer being sold officially, so you’re completely at the mercy of resellers. Funcom won’t help you if you get scammed.

If you make it past that initial hurdle you’ll have to pay full price for the individual issues past issue 4 if you want to access that content in TSW.

thank you

Somebody say on general to go to Target or walmart or amazon online. I look and it expensive to me.

I doubt Target or Walmart even have them anymore and Amazon is always hit or miss. The codes are hard to find now because they’ve either been sold or written off as unsellable a long time ago. You’ll just have to keep checking Amazon or if you like to gamble you can try eBay and hope that any key you might find is unused.

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And as I said years ago, even if you can get hold of a working key for the game, you’ll end up having to spend a significant amount of money (~€100+) to buy the rest of the content that isn’t included with the base game (but is free in SWL). It’s not something I’d recommend.