Turan Set Looks Good But

As you may have guessed from the title, the Turan seems like a wasted opportunity and the final nail in the coffin for potential DLC packs in the future. Not the game itself, mind you, but a Turan set could have been a full-blown DLC package with more building pieces, armor/weapon reskins, and pet variants. The possibilities were tantalizing.

But Tencent relegated what could have been a crowd-pleaser to the bazaar, which means that any chance for future DLC to be released alongside and in addition to the bazaar is pretty much dead. Honestly, I was about to buy the arena set to show my support for DLC packages in general, but that’s clearly a lost cause. Maybe I was a fool for hoping Tencent would let Funcom release another DLC pack, but only fools have the power to dream.

I’ll keep playing CE, obviously. This isn’t a game-killer for me, and my Khitan Refugee Colony is really starting to take shape. But my money will be going to other games with smarter business practices. Sorry, arena DLC. I really wanted those inverted stair/ramp corners. But some things just weren’t meant to be.


Forcing a square peg in a round hole. Sure it used to be a square hole but times have changed and it’s now round. DLC’s are the past, Bazaar is the future. Accept it and move on or stay disappointed. The set is a fair price (my opinion) unlike other items that favor the company and DLC’s that favored the player/consumer.


I’m confused, we already have a Turan DLC pack?

I figured this was just complementary pieces, like the previous Bazaar sets.


Yeah, there already is a Turanian DLC (Called Treasures of Turan), with some very nice building pieces and decorative pieces. It came out about four years ago. I think the battle pass and bazaar items that relate to Turan are just extras. The best deal is still the original DLC.

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First signs of people getting used to the new higher prices.

Funny to how many things people can get used to.


Nah…I believe it’s fair. I always though the other DLC’s were too cheap for what we got out of them and really questioned how the heck FC kept in business.

No, that happened already. The old DLC model for CE is done. Over. It died with 3.0. People can like it or not, that is a personal matter, but it has been done since the launch of sorcery. That was addressed with the arrival of the battlepass and bazaar.

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Well, yes. That doesn’t mean its not a fair price, even if it’s higher than we were used to several years ago.

None of the bazar items have a fair pricing. They are all very overpriced. But people know that the dlc´s are over and the only new stuff they will ever get from Funcom is stuff from the bazar so they swallow down and buy in the hopes that at least this helps to keep the game allive.

Funcom and specially Tencent is playing a very dark game with their community. They are abusing peoples fear that the game gets shut down if they do not make enough revenue. Its buy or die. They no longer have meaningfull conversations with us. They have completely shut down their communications. Zendesk is their shield. So no matter what bullcrap they throw on us you can not complain. If you go to Zendesk is a one way road. They will ignore whatever you say, they will stall you and keep you waiting and if you keep pushing and they answer they keep it vage and shallow until you give up. They are practically bypassing all legal customer rights, because unless you do it the hard way and go to a courtroom and force them you will always reach dead end with them.

Gaming industry is going to s…t this days. I personally always prefered smaller gaming companies. They still have passion for their games and often the games itself are way better then the big titles, that hype their product into haven but are riddled with bugs to the max and where you have to buy 100 stuff extra to play and where you get closely to no support. Games get hyped but yet have no substance, have no longlivety, no real story, no passion. Its peoples bad decission making in generall that makes the big coorps more and more rich because people nowadays prefer quantity over the quality of a game. And in the end people get what they sowed. If you think this or any other game ever needs this kind of shops to stay allive you really deserve the prices that you pay.


I mostly agree with both of you, people adapt to almost any price for extra content in a game that they like, but I think it is mainly those that play strictly on official servers and console players, I don’t think their target group with these prices are the average pc players, no matter if we like the term or not, it is clearly aimed at “Whales”, and no I don’t mean it negatively against those who buys, it is their money, if they want to pay the price for some extra content, it is their choice :slight_smile:

On the keeping the game alive… Well I don’t believe it will matter unless the Bazaar is Funcoms main income, if however a new game like for example Dune takes over and becomes a success then I have a feeling that Conan Exiles will be a much lower priority than it already is - I’m not totally feeling the “Live-Service” game.
Yes they have introduced the “Age of” roughly once a year with chapters and events + some changes/fixes to the game during it, but compared to other Live-service games that I know of, it feels a bit underwhelming, and the battlepass and Bazaar feels… Aggressive, which is the best word I can describe it with, well at least it is optional and not needed to continue playing :grin:


I think a lot of the players actually wanted some extensions to the existing building sets, I know I did, and while I would have loved them to occasionally release a new cultural dlc besides the battlepass and Bazaar items, I also know that it probably won’t happen.
I won’t call it the final nail in the coffin, but for some it has shifted, I spend much less money on Conan Exiles now than before, but I buy these building extension sets, not because I find the price fair, on the other hand the pricing on those is not as outrageous as the item sets in the Bazaar, so I swallow it and buy them if I like them :slight_smile:

Tencent is a hardcore business, to them it is all about making as much profit as possible, and the trend of games with ingame store has shown that there is a lot of money to be made from this principle.
It is not so much about making the best game possible for players and in return hoping for a good financial result, but more about firstly how to maximize profits… How much can they charge for content before players start to lose interest and leave - Gaming companies is not like real world items where there could be competition on pricing for same things, no one but owner of the game is allowed to make content for it, and no 2 games are the same, so it all comes down to whether people like a game or not and is willing to often pay a highly inflated price for extra content :slight_smile:

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This…yeah. I gotta agree. We got the scheduled new content but the maintenance updates are still sporadic. I think we all get the new paradigm on gaming that bugs will be attached be a use release is more critical but that should mean biweekly updates to correct ongoing issues. I understand that this 8snt ideal or sound to have in your business model a planned correction schedule but we have years of data that shows this is the norm and needs to be in the plan

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Pretty much this.
Why would anyone think the old DLC cheap as dirt system would come back?
I say fair priced because you can compare it to other games and it is inline or actually cheaper than most. Sorry if it is not the carnival giveaway you wanted.
As for targeting “whales”, I seriously doubt that is the target market. They put a product out and let the buyer choose.
That is like saying Wal-marts blue light special is targeting the rich 1%. Ludicrous…

But that’s just it…what is an inflated price vs a fair price? It’s a highly subjective question that has too many variables that makes it very individualized. To me, I view things as how much use will I get out of the item in the game. Time used X enjoyment factor determines the value. I made the mistake of getting the headhunter full kit and I only use the thrall box with any moderate amount of consistency. The armor and all the little nifty items are just things I can make but don’t. The building items, I use and use and use again. I even decided to buy the sandstone mega kit because I do restart plenty of times and create a more stylish beginning base that isn’t a stone-age borg design so I use that as well. Not as much as the stormglass or the turnanian but definitely more than the Khitan headhunter armor. So 1200cc for a build kit that I know I will enjoy well into a full year is worth it. Plus it helps out a company and game that has been providing me entertainment for 4 years now, this month.

This one thinks these are good expansion pieces to the existent Turan DLC.

The corner snapping pillars are especially nifty.

This one laments the lack of inverted wedge tent roof pieces. That is the missed opportunity in this one’s opinion.
There are a few other bits this one would have liked (the 2x2 gates, for example, but this one understands there are slap fights over whether those are PtW).

As for pricing…
That will always be a sticky wicket.
This one personally likes the pieces and finds the price to be just a touch high. The lack of inverted wedge roof pieces being the big issue at hand. If that piece were included, this one would probably consider the price about the top of what would be with their acceptable range…

If they worked.
This one has seen and read many reports that a not insignificant number of the pieces are bugged.

This one has already lamented at length how far from acceptable it is to shove out premium content that doesn’t perform.

Has anyone found a way to make it possible to build a full circle every time??? On an area of ​​12 by 8, I managed to do it in only one place. An additional question, why these quarter-circle elements allow only three to the top??? I greet everyone.

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You are absolutely right, it is subjective :slight_smile:
I play games on on both pc and console(Xbox one X) and there is a clear pattern in pricing for extra content for most of the game I have played, in many cases price on extra content is cheaper for exclusive pc games than similar console games, especially games that supports modding, and I may have gotten a bit used to this, but to me that is not the entire story…

If we look at the dlc’s for Conan Exiles, they were not expensive, they actually in some cases felt generous, but still I have games that offered similar pricing on dlc content and some even with more content for the same money, I know that there are also games that offer dlc that cost way more for maybe less content.

I’ve often wondered about what I would find a fair price, and my conclusion is that I try to look at how much content do I get compared to what is offered in the basegame, and no I don’t expect a 1:1 ratio, but if I have to pay maybe 2-300% for each dlc item than what was offered in a basegame in average, then I think I got a fair price, not this 15-20 times as high a price compared to the dlc’s which while being a good price still cost several times more per decorative item than what the basegame items cost in average if divided in amount of objects compared to the entire cost of the basegame…

If computer games and especially dlc’s were like real life stuff… cars, gadgets, houses, groceries etc. Then there would be real competition, and pricing for dlc would be way lower or someone else would get the majority of sales for similar items - I hope it makes sense how I look at it, if not that is ok :grin:

I agree with you, it is a good extension to the Turan building set :slight_smile:
The corner snapping pillars are an interesting idea even though using the stairs-pillar-foundation trick you can actually place all original pillars in corners, although a bit trickier, but it is possible, still an official way is much preferred way.
I also agree that the tent options, especially the roofing could have done with a few more pieces, right now you can’t really make bigger tents than 2 wide and not that many shapes, and absolutely YES, I would so much have loved a 2x2 gate, but I guess they have a limit of how many items they want to add to these small extension building sets, so I guess that is why some building items that would feel the set more complete are left out.

Again I agree, but not higher than I still wanted and bought the set :slight_smile:

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As this one understands the situation, some of the pieces are a little buggy.

Submitting a ticket is suggested, that way the devs know it is an issue, and if it’s not an issue (they deliberately want us to not be able to build full circle tops, for example) that can be clarified.

Do you know the system for reporting a bug?

If the pieces were all operational this one probably would acquire it. Grumbles aside, they have found this one’s pain point. Where whining and moaning happens, but the coins still flow.

As matters stand, while this one can purchase a set missing a few items this one wishes it had…
This one will not deliberately purchase a product know to be faulty. Lesson learned from previous Bazaar offerings. This one will wait until it is fixed.

As for the corner pillar technique…
This one does not mention it, and other building… options… out of an abundance of concern that they will be “fixed”.

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I know the bug reporting system, but when you publish an add-on whose build system works differently than the current one, it’s more of an intended action than a bug. That’s why I asked if anyone knows the rule for dealing with new elements. Thanks for the answer.

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