Turanian Nomad Camel Stats

Is it intentional that the battle pass camel grows with zero stats? I don’t think ANY (true*) pet I’ve had has had no stats upon first being raised; even the house cat has something. The caravan animals, probably most similar to the camel in terms of use, come with stats; the caravan elephant comes with a single point in vitality while the caravan rhino comes with one point in both vitality and grit.

  • True pet meaning discounting the rat that cannot be made to follow, picked up, renamed, etc
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Can not answer have not purchased one
, @heaven13 . Our standard camels seems useless compared to horses that lots of health on team mate horse is over 7000 hp invisible camels next to nothing. @heaven13

Thanks sestus. Yeah, I mostly wanted one for deco in my base since I play on a private server with just my partner but I was a little surprised to notice he had no starting stats in any of the 4 attributes. I doubt I would actually take him out with me because you are so right, he’s SQUISH!

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One camel lips and eyes it went by by the visible one is in my wife’s area.

It’s because Conan don’t like camels

camel punch

I have made two camels for the same reason.
One is without any skin and the other with the BP skin. I also wanted one with the turanian skin but need a new calf for it.

Was shocked that they are at 700hp and they are fighters… I hope their behavior in fights I like the horse ones.

But I don’t really take a look at the stats. But the hp was the same for bp and normal skin. I will check it next time if I don’t forgot and compare the turanian too.
Can’t imagen that the dlc has better stats then the normal or bp one. If it’s the case I think it’s not intended

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700 HP? My battlepass camel starts with 161 HP!

In order to bring particularly delicate companions through the first level, you can simply leave them in the base, they get the XP over the entire map. How does it work:

  1. you have no active companion
  2. place e.g. the camel on “Follow”, then give the command “Halt” via the ring menu with “E”
  3. now possibly choose other companions
  4. go out and kill a few NPC’s, your camel that stays in the base still gets the XP credited.

The “Halt” command only lasts until the next port or entry into a dungeon or loading screen or another command is given. Otherwise, companions will not defend themselves in the event of an attack. But there are plenty of occasions where this works well.

Another variant, since you probably have admin rights.

  1. you have admin rights, → settings → server options → grant admin rights
  2. only set your camel to follow, no other companions
  3. press “insert” on the keyboard
  4. A command line opens at the bottom of the screen
  5. enter the following there:
    SetFollowerStatAttributeHealth 15
  6. confirm with “Enter”

The camel has permanently got 15 points in health, you can of course choose the number freely. But don’t overdo it too much, otherwise it won’t be fun anymore :wink:

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I always loved the camels. Had a lot of them in my bases over the years until Funcom decided to strip them naked.

I was really happy to see that new skin for the camel until I got one and saw their hp. Its a one hit from everything. I can not take it with me without it dying. I don´t know how Funcom thinks we should use them to carry anything with that low hp.

Its a real shame.

yea i was so happy too see the backpacks come back too see then how weak it was 121 hp :pleading_face::scream::sob::cry:

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Yeah, it’s interesting that the bearer animals have very low HP while bearer thralls are stacked in HP and get the most HP (or nearly the most, there are a couple outliers) per vitality point as they level. Though I will admit that I haven’t leveled my camel (or an elephant or rhino) so I can’t say personally if they’ll be super healthy at 20 or not.

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