Rhinos / Camel - caravan & rhino mount need Buff

Rhinos / Camel - caravan & Rhino mount - they pathetic weak compere to Horses.

Both need have there HP / Vitality HP gain increased , just like horses ben buffed in last update as especially caravan rhino and Turanian nomad camel have so low HP they get killed by any mob instantly and Rhino mount its now pathetic weak compared to Horses. On top of it Turanian nomad camel using combat pet AI and rushes to attack when giving Attack command ( using 2 followers thrall perk) despite not having any attack animations ( when in following mode instead Horse AI to avoid combat )

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I agree. Tried the Turanian Nomad Camel - it looks great, but it’s got a death wish.

Rhinos are just questionable all around. Slow speed, very low acceleration for an animal that attacks by charging, no weapon attacks, very low HP. I don’t see a point in Rhinos even with tenfold the current HP. Still, giving them more health would be a start.

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Turanian nomad camel diet - seeds don’t give any growth bonus. Camel eats seeds get HP regeneration , so diet is bugged or not setup fully as its relatively new addition to game ( reward from Age of Sorcery: Chapter 3 battle pass )

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