Turn Character & Pet/Horse/Thrall Collision OFF Private Server?

There must be a way to turn Character & Pet/Horse/Thrall collision off for a private server. Anyone figured this out yet? We’re getting blocked in our houses. Getting pinned in between the horse and pet when we dismount. Getting blocked when running around. Getting stuck if someone AFK’s for a few minutes.

Thanks for your help, if any is to be found.

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Nopers. Only thing you can do is set them to Stop Following or Set Guard position prior to going into places that their following distance leaves them in a door or something.

I don’t have any issues with pinning with the horse because when I get off I set it to stop following every time. The horse follows waaaaaaay to closely…should auto Stop Follower when dismount but maybe overlooked by dev team.

Takes 2 seconds to stop horse and another 2 to stop follower (I only do this when at my base or somewhere special I need to scout a little).

Hope that helps.

Its an known bug and they are working on the stuck thing!

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Yes, this is what I’m doing, stopping horse. But there’s not even a hotkey for this. You have to use the radial wheel which is inconvenient. Especially if you’re being mobbed by npcs. And I’m often pinned and stuck when dismounting depending on the terrain, pet distance and mob number. But as Masmassu mentioned, it’s a known bug.


Yes. Making your own followers act like ghosts to you would solve so much of these problems all at once.

No more getting stuck inside your follower.

No more followers sealing you within your own house.

No more having your follower pin you inside a corner mid combat so that the enemy can kill you at their leisure.

Is it PC or console? There is at least 1 mod with such functionality for a limited number of your Followers (SideKicks). This number is Admin-configurable.

PC. What’s the mod called? I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks.


“Très Bien Ensemble” with:
ModControlPanel, Better Thralls.

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