Two-handed axe physics are ridiculous

Again, over-splaining. Started to read your post, then basically it started sounding like a Charlie Brown teacher in my head. No fun in going for hyper realism in a game. not gonna change my mind.

You just sound lazy…

One more time I’ll say this

All I want, is for the great axes to conform to the level of realism ALREADY PRESENT in the game.

Not hyper realism… Just in line with the level the other weapons are on.

But the other weapons aren’t realistic either. That’s what some other posters have tried to say.

There’s some realism in the game (more than in most games, in any case), but there’s so much that isn’t realistic that I don’t bother with any isolated case of unrealism. Crazy pirouettes while wielding a weapon, whether a one-handed mace or a two-handed axe, would probably make the wielder lose their balance at a critical point during combat. Many sword-swinging animations are exaggerated. Those two-handed hammers would be completely useless as weapons.

And even though my grandmother recommended eating a bowl of chicken soup when I had a flu as a kid, I’m pretty sure she didn’t use the same soup to treat wounds when she was a nurse in a field hospital during the war.

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