Two-handed melee concussive weapon

Due to the inconsistency of thrall weapon usage I would like a two-handed concussive weapon to give to thralls that prefer two-handed weapons.

Extend the shaft of the existing truncheons and make it use the spear animations.


So the reason for one not utilising a truncheon is that they demand two-handed weapons? Good to know.

In my case, she was captured wielding a spear, but has performed quite well with a single truncheon till yesterday.

This is on an official server, so the server load is also a factor.

But as a general rule, thralls works best with weapons similar to what they were captured with.

When not using a weapon/truncheon, you can:

  • Ensure there is only one weapon in their inventory
  • Remove weapons and place them directly in their main hand slot instead of just moving it to their inventory
  • Remove weapons, initiate a fight so the thrall will fight unarmed, and then give them a weapon

I tried all these things yesterday, and was really close to give her my legendary two-hander and slaughter Sepermeru backed up with my healing arrows, but I just punched her in the face several times instead.

So to alleviate this I think a dedicated two-handed weapon for knocking out foes would be great.
There will still be situations where your follower is reflecting over the meaning of life face to face with the foe you want to attack, but such is the life of an exile.


I think that would be a great addition to the game, but mainly for exiles that prefer 2handed combat.

For the riddle of thralls and their inability to make up their almost non-existent feeble minds on what murder tool will suit their fancy…JUST FIX THE DAMNED AI ALREADY!!! (please :cry:)

But seriously a big a$$ wooden war hammer would be great, I suggest this one…



Every fighter from the Volcano has a spear. But can use single handed weapons just fine.
Black-ice broadsword with shield or Lovetap with shield.

Erii, Fleshtearer or Daicas… No one has a problem while I go with them.
But I never switch 1h with 2h. I have some who have the 1h weapon and others have 2h (serpent-man spear or some strong 2h sword).

Before the patch I gave my bearer a 2h mace (was farming UC) on mistake… until server reboot he was unable todo anything with a 1h. Just standing next to every enemy doing nothing…

But 2h truncheon would still be nice. What is the weakest 2h weapon? Add blunt fiting to it… maybe it can work?

A simple solution would be to have the blunted upgrade reduce any weapons damage, no matter what weapon. So you could essentially change any weapon into a truncheon. But with high damage weapons you would still run the risk of killing the thrall.


That would be the 2-handed practice sword, but powerful fighters will still often kill NPCs even when using a blunted version.

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I tested this yesterday. Even with strength only to the 1st perk, you still end up killing the thralls.

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This would give an end game use for steel weapons!!!

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This is an excellent idea!
Would also work great for archers when getting human purges.

I switch bow and ammo for all archers, but they still do a formidable damage.
Especially if you are having high end T4 archers in lower level areas.

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I genuinely believe that the Wooden Practice Swords should be simply transformed into weapons which inflict concussive damage. By the time we are a high enough level to grind Fragments of Power and obtain the recipe, they are already miles beyond the point of redundancy. Owing to their very low damage scores, they are not worth using in actual combat. So why not give them a practical function?


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