Two questions I need some input with

Hi all,

My primary question is I just recently mostly finished building my base and am very happy with it.

However, there are 2 sections (each section is in a different wall) in the wall that continually collapse.
I can find no reason for this as they are in the middle of the wall section with full foundations below them.
My interim solution was to put foundation stones in place of the wall sections, and those stay.

Any thoughts?

My second question I would like some suggestions on is regarding NPC guards I have in my castle.

I keep seeing suggestions to equip the archers with "Snake " arrows, is that still the best suggested option?

Also what enchantment/upgrade do most folks put on their NPC guards shields?

Thanks for your suggestions!

pictures please - im easily bored

Anything on the log? Like purges.
You should get a repairing hammer and look the stability of the walls and it’s surrounding.

Nothing on the log. I play Sp, and the wall sections are high up and well away from where the purge makes contact with my castle. I have actually seen the wall fall once as I ran back after a resource run, it just crumbled. It is weird. I double checked that the foundation is full all the way into the bedrock ( the wall is about 7 foundations off the ground).

I don’t have any of my social media linked (professional reasons), but I will see if I can figure something out.

Screen shot > memory stick > Upload to post = job done.

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours…

lol, on it!

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Craft a Repair Hammer, equip it and check your wall and around it stability. And don’t build without a repair hammer equipped.

Not a shield user but I would imagine durability is best?

Snake arrows have been made slightly more costly and less deadly since that info was released would be my guess but they still suck to get hit by.

EDIT, just saw ur PvE now maybe none of the info I gave u is any good, never been pve

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