Two Questions - Tents and Armor

First of all, thank you Funcom for adding tents into the game. I, for one, greatly appreciate it.

My question, though, is there any plan to move the basic tent into the survival tree so it can be more useful for players earlier in the game?

My second question is, I noticed that in the tech tree there are still five blanks under both the regular armors and the epic armors. I assume that means there are still armors yet to be introduced into the game. Will those armors be coming in at release or afterwards?


I agree with your first question (and its implied slant). Having basic tents make sense for early game. New players shouldn’t be building massive bases on day one. New players should be constructing primitive, ‘wilderness survival’ shelters and/or basic tents in the beginning.


I haven’t had a chance to try and make the tents yet, as I can’t find a tool in testlive that reliably gives me gossamer from spiders. It’s all been feral meat and chitin.

Do the tents provide shelter? I assumed they were just decorative placeables.

Interested to know what seems to be the best tool for it myself.

Tents provide shelter. It is not a lot though. I used one in a sandstorm while wandering around. I had to eat a piece of meat constantly to keep the health loss at neutral.

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You don’t need silk for the basic tent.

All that requires is stone, fiber, and branches.

I believe the basic tent should be moved under the survival tier as currently it is gated behind furniture making which has a comparatively high level requirement.


Ah, ok. I apparently kept just clicking on the icon for the big red tent, then.

Silk acquisition shall remain a mystery for me, but at least I can make a tent.

I’d recommend they switch the “stone” requirement for “hide”. In the ancient near east, hides were the most common form of tent construction (which fits better with the Conan lore).


Do you happen to know that big spider cave? There are lots of web-nodes inside, which you can harvest with tools as well. (Though that might not be intended?)

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If tent is not under furniture making and is instead crafted in inventory it would make shelter craftable right away since fiber, stone, and branches are the first three materials you collect in the game. This must be the intention and making it furniture crafting must be an error. If they make a mat substitute I would recommend hide for fiber, not stone.

I misspoke above…the recipe requires wood and not branches.

Still, simple recipe and easy to get. I hope the intention is to put it in survival.

Fiber would be used to tie the hide to the branches. I have never seen a tent made of stone. In fact, using stone to make a tent makes it… something other than a tent. Maybe a poorly constructed house?

True. Even the Bedouin tribes that maintain the nomadic ‘tent’ lifestyle didn’t pack around their rocks. They simply used whatever rocks were in the area. The actual tent would have hides, stitched together, with some wooden pole supports. And not all places had rocks. Sometimes all that was available was sand… heaps and heaps of sand.


I’m loving the tents when I’m running around on servers, some people have really been creative.

On my wish-list: a yurt for full shelter, including some standard storage slots. Plus something like this


The “web-nodes” in the weavers hollow, can be harvested just by using the E or activation key, no tool required.

I’ve found using the pick to harvest gossamer from spiders works best for me.

Spiders seem nerfed to me in testlive so harvesting a bunch of silk should be much easier than it was in live.

That looks like it should be a tier 3 bearer thrall. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure not required, but one gets a lot more if harvesting with tool. (Like 5+ being compared to 50/55 on x5 server)