Two questions thralls/dem bones

I have some tier 1 thralls I don’t need anymore, most come from thrill of getting slaves in the beginning. I know I can just shaft them somewhere but I was told you could kill them in the pit of Yog. I can’t figure out how to do this. I tried guide/guard thralls inside there but it won’t let me. How do you do this? I only have first Yog pit, do you need upgraded pits to kill thralls with?

Second question is, the skeleton allies you can make, that clack their teeth and suff all the time. When it was in my inventory after making one, there was a timer. After placing him to guard, there is no access to the timer anymore. Is the timer still there, or do they never die (lol?) or decay? I’m asking because I want them as decorations.

Well, for the first question, only thing I know what to do was this:
I’m on Xbox by the way in single player. I spawned in some thralls, the three Yog altars, tried to place thralls in there, didn’t work. The first tier altar I could put thralls in, but didn’t seem like I could kill them. I looked up how to dispose of thralls in Yog altar and it said you had to knock them out and put them in a wheel of pain and try putting them back in.
They didn’t die, but dismantling the altar helped dispose of them. So my guess is you can knock them out again, put them in a dummy Wheel, and dismantle the Wheel.

And second, the default thrall decay timer, if you have that on, is 15 days. I assume the timer is still going in the background. Do you play on a server or single player?

use steps to make thrall follow then jump over pit

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make sure you are not the one falling with all the gear equipped :smile:

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I usually just build some ceiling tiles out over the pit, tell the thrall to guard on the last one, and then dismantle it. They fall in and die.


Почему бы их просто не убить? Если играешь в pve то включи в настройках разрешить pvp и включить разрешение урона по постройка. и убей раба. Если на pvp режим работает в определённое время.
А что косается скелетов, то после установки их на охрану их нужно кормить. Рацион остывший пепел, если их не кормить, то они потом умрут.

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I play on solo/offline all the time, so I don’t have anyone to come kill my thralls. I suppose yeah, I could just take them out into the wild and let them die by animal/monster.

Will try feeding the skeleton, only thing I thought the feeding system was taken away. Or was it just for thralls? I’m assuming the skeleton falls into pet category. (mine still hasn’t dissappeared) Where do I find ash for him though?

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Volcano is the only place I know

Go to a very very high cliff. Build one foundation. Then 3 ceiling tiles off the cliff.

Have the thrall guard and then break the tiles

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The timer you spotted is the same timer of a puppy or a pet while in your inventory or in a chest, after you placed it on guard on the ground it has not a timer and, at current state, thralls and pets (like skeletons are) do not require to be feed.

You can feed him to give him a buf anyway, using ashes you can find by mining obsidian in the volcano biome or harvesting (low chance anyway) with a pick a dead living magma.

The 14 days timer is another thing: when playing online pets and thralls are removed from the game if no member of the owner clan login for 14 days, in solo (local offline) mode don’t mind it :wink:

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Aaah I see, thanks. So basically he can’t die (unless killed by enemies) or wither away just from standing there.

Lol, a skeleton, can’t die…XD

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