Removing abandoned thralls

Sorry if this is not the right area. I am wondering how one goes about seeing if a GM can remove what looks like remains of a decayed build because there are ton of games and thralls just standing out in middle of no where. I am on official server 2509

There is no GM support. The thrall decay timer is 14 days. They will eventually decay when the clan members they belong to stop logging in.

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If you don’t want to wait, and there are animals whose hides you can use, elephants, rhinos, etc, you can use palisades to clear them. Place the palisades near them, or get them to move and put the palisades on the spot they left. when they return, they will die. Does not work with the Yeti.

Tip: You have to be in the area for them to die, but if you get too close, they will walk away.

Adding that we all have seen thralls beeing abandoned and not expired.

I have (had)servers i could not build (again)because my own old thralls are in the way lol.
And not a few but dozens.

So yes they should (and usually)decay but my exp is they sometimes dont, or take a very very long time.

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