Base decayed, placeables and thralls still around; when do they go away?

A lot of inactive players left behind their bases to decay. Unfortunately, they placed wheels of pain, chests, thralls, furnaces on the bare ground, so when their bases decayed, the placeables survived the demolition. Will they eventually decay, or will they linger until the end of time?

The placeables disappeared 24 hours after the base collapsed, but the thralls are still there, 3 days later. Some of the thralls hover 10 metres up in the air, where there used to be ceilings.

Can you shoot and kill them with a bow?

Also, as for the question of “when”, craft a repair hammer, wield it and look at a building piece or placeable. You’ll see the health, stability, owner and decay time of that object.

It’s a PvE server, so attacking thralls doesn’t work.
And repair hammers only show decay timers of structures, not placeables. Walls, foundations, ceilings, pillars, yes. Wheels of Pain, chests, beds, no. But, as it turned out, placeables decay 24 hours after the base has been demolished. Only thralls seem to linger indefinitely.

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Fair enough. I saw someone complaining that thralls can be killed on PvE servers still, something I hadn’t tested myself, so I thought I’d ask.

Interesting. I can see the decay timer on all placeables, regardless of whether placed on foundations or on the ground. Wheels of pain, chests, beds, as well as bonfires, torches, palisades, campfires, every single thing. All show a decay timer. No admin powers, on a server. In fact, I don’t remember ever not seeing the decay timer line show up throughout all of alpha, other than that it showed “disabled” for placeables.

No idea why you’re not seeing the timer on placeables. Are you on a console?

pve thralls can only be killed in consoles which are one patch behind.

in pve decayed bases leave thralls alive, even floating, for unlimited time.

Im afraid devs are not aware of this issue, so lets report it so they fix it

Very funny. Thralls can NOT be killed on PS4.
Fighters just standing around. Dancers kill all animals around. ^^
I just wonder why thralls can be killed on PVE when the base is still there. xD

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