Ugrading existing building pieces is bugged

Game mode: [Online | PvE official server
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [USA]

reposting from reddit to here

I have made two threads in regards to this now, I’m starting to think it is happening from upgrading buildings.

Again I logged on today and as I loaded in I watched two roof pieces turn to ruble and come down. I have lost multiple full chests of mats, tapestries, animal head mounts, A tannery with a thrall, a black smith station with a thrall, other random thralls.

Zero mention about this anywhere but other vague reports of it happening to others.

This is ■■■■■■■ me off to no end. Some kind of acknowledgment about the problem and fix need to happen.

Further details before people post the same nonsense.

This is happening on official PvE server

No the lost items are not near windows

My base stability is fine, I have gone over it multiple times while buiding with the hammer.

I have not been attacked by the purge. I was online last night for my first purge, but that is another issue all together as they never showed up and I got a journey step for killing them anywas.

My base is not decaying, I am a daily player and have more than one base, although the main one that I have been upgrading is suffering from the problem, while the old one while upgrading had the same issue happen, but since I have stopped building it it has stopped.

Again I’m pretty convinced this has to do with the building block upgrade system in place. when upgrading a piece the old piece smashes out, sometimes logging in hours later you will see the upgraded piece smash again but nothing will change. The parts/items getting destroyed are not even in close proximity to the upgraded piece each time.

Please do something about this as it is effecting game play severely.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a base
    2.Upgrade a piece it doesnt matter what
    3.log off and then back on to watch random building particles falling
    4.log in next day to find random items not even near where you upgraded gone.