Unable to build anything in existing building

I have been building a structure, very small by this games standards, and all of a sudden I can no longer place anything or add anything to the existing structure. When i try to place a building mod its says “failed to place” anything else just doesn’t place in game. I can set foundations away from the building, but cannot attach anything to the existing structure. It has been happening for several days now! Any ideas would be welcome!!! It wont even let me place a mount on the wall!

Were you at all a part of a guild that could have taken ownership of your buildings?

Any time a player joins a guild the ownership of their constructed buildings is transferred to the guild. Once you have left the guild the ownership of the buildings remain with the guild.

Our guild is my Wife and I, as of the patch we can not set up of build. The purge is going to wipe us out, all because we cant play.

nope, 1 man guild… since i started. I just gave up on that structure and built a new one far far away from it! lol

It’s likely that your old building was on new Land Claim of some kind. Either new ghosts or a field boss’s territory.