Unable to move when logging back in

So recently I came back to this very buggy game, went to the dregs lagged out and died, then the server is about to go offline for a restart. Couldn’t get any worse so accepted the fact all the gear in the dregs was lost at the base of that damn serpent which just kept spitting at me.

Oh well lesson learnt so jumped back to my spawn grabbed my tent and back up gear and started to head back to base swearing and cursing at my first attempt to solo a dungeon and sucking so badly I was over it. So swimming back thought it would be okay to log out.

Then log back in, stuck can’t move nothing that normally works fixes it, the idea of starting over again is somewhat sucking the life out of me, if someone has a fix please let me know because admin haven’t given me anything not even a suck it up princess response. Not sure how this game could get more bugs that a head full of head lice but damn throw me a bone help me save some of the work that has been put in, don’t want to start a new character just spent weeks on this damn one and can’t do a simple boss yet sheeesh


Have you tried rolling? I assume so, but thought I’d ask, that’s normally how you get unstuck on log in. If that doesn’t work I recommend trying to jump or press triangle to dive since you said you are in water. If none of that helps removing the bracelet and respawning is the only recourse.

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Are you playing on a private server I don’t play on official server’s but I would think logging out in the water instead of a bedroll would be a death sentence. @Theheraldofchoas

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What could you possibly loose if you just remove your bracelet… A heavy armor and some iron tools and weapons? Really? I’ve done this dungeon 100 times and i never had any problem, yes i can say that the entrance is bugged, the npcs are not walking in the surface of the entrance and sometimes killing them is a pain in the… still the dungeon inside runs perfectly. I can say that because i’ve passed this dungeon in more than 50 servers and all the time the dungeon was running excellent. So everything you’ll loose is very easy to farm back and if you cannot do it solo take a follower, still the last fight is solo because the follower is nullified to the acid, so make sure you 'll have a shield and daggers, the rest is extremely easy

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