Rubber banding while moving, lost character AGAIN

There have been multiple times now that my brother and I have lost all of our items off our characters due to the Rubber Banding issue where you think you’re walking but you’re really falling off a cliff dying or walking into some world boss. The chance of getting back to your body to loot it while this is happening is zero to none. Yesterday I lost all the items on my character yet again because of this issue. I lost epic gear that takes time to farm and make the necessary ingredients. I also lost the torch from the red dragon. I don’t even know what all else was on my character. I had a nice Axe, some Grey One shield and sword. A glowing sword, can’t remember the name, as well as all my Eldarium tools. Is there any way to get our items back when we die and can’t loot because of server glitches. We are our official PS4 server 8052 I believe. Username TrueJuggalo, clan Snakepit. It’s not our connections, usually when we log off and back on the server has a ping of 9999 or something similar. This server has been terrible lately. The last full day I had off from work July 5th I couldn’t even play because the server was so bad. All I’m asking is there anywhere to place a support ticket to try to get my stuff back?


They can’t get your items back there’s no admin on official server’s. You can write a ticket and send it to Zendesk witch you can find introduction of forum. Hopefully patch helps with this.

Thank you, new to forums. I placed a ticket there as well. Just getting frustrated with the server issues. I started a new character on another server yesterday and might play that one for a while. Hate losing my gear every few weeks now because of issues out of my control. I don’t have a lot of resources built up either because my base decayed while I was on vacation for 10 days and my brother forgot to refresh it and someone took everything I owned. Gonna take time to get back everything I lost, once again. Ready to give up Conan.

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Don’t give up patch should be out in a couple weeks. If you are interested I know of a couple private server they are boosted.

Yeah I’ve experienced this, very bad delay in general and performance issues lately (along with the usual hundreds of bugs).

Half the time enemies are invisible! (And bizarrely make rocknose sounds) Or run past you into a wall for 40 seconds but are actually chasing you whilst invisible. Worst is as you described, nothing looks out of place but you’re taking damage, then 30+ secs later, you’re running into a wall surrounded by crocodiles. I died to this once, when a tiger b**** slapped me through the Nth dimension, then I teleported back off of my horse and died. Thankfully managed to get my items back.

The game is great and enjoyable (when it works) but it’s always been plagued with issue’s as the devs had to rush it for some reason, and it had problems at it’s core.


Yeah same issue last night. Went to Grey Ones area to put in a couple statues and farm recipes. As soon as that fight started I was rubber banding all over the place. Ended up logging off near the pool of water. Ping was 9999. Logged out and waiting for ping to drop. The lowest it dropped was 247 and still lagged bad. Logged off for the evening and went on a new server. Hopefully I’m still alive when I get back on there tonight. Hopefully this upcoming patch will help. It’s gotten to where I’m afraid to take my character anywhere that this issue would start up and get me killed.

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If you want to play on a private with no death let me know sestus2009 is my psn handle

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