Unable to place animal pet stables in isle of Siptah

I find myself to be completely unable to place a pet stables (not a horse stables) anywhere in Isle of Siptah. It gives me either not enough contact with ground, or not even with ground message, even if placed over a perfectly flat set of foundations with plenty of room to spare. I have placed it before with no problem in the Exiled Lands. Anybody else?

Update: I managed to find a flat spot of ground to place it, but it will not place over foundations, even with plenty of space to spare.

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i struggled with it as well and gave up, they are just too massive


I placed mine w/no problem. C9-ish, right off the beach. I did not try placing it on foundations.

I have no problem placing them… we have a complex built among the trees near Asura’s Tears complete with multiple thrall wheels, stables, taming pens, etc.

We followed exiled land techniques of placing foundations first… on a few we noticed we had to play with raising / lowering them perhaps a slightly bit more…

I’ve found that they are much easier to place if you can get a little height and place them from above. I usually build like 3-4 walls, climb up them, and place the animal pen from there.

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Thanks, but I’m on single player. I was literally flying all over the place with the console trying to find the perfect spot.

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