Unable to see or join any servers unless connecting through a mobile hotspot

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Misc - Unable to connect
Server type: Any
Region: United States

For about a month now I haven’t been able to see any servers in the server browser or connect to them. Using Steam’s server browser I can see the servers, but attempting to connect brings back a “Failed to Join Requested Server” error. I’ve tried everything I can find and the only way I can get the server list to populate and be able to connect is by using a different service altogether, in this case a mobile hotspot. My internet connection is completely fine and I can play MMOs and Civ with my friends no problem.

Things I’ve tried (that I can remember):
*Letting Conan Exiles through firewall
*Disabling firewall and antivirus
*Verifying files
*Uninstalling and reinstalling the game
*Uninstalling and reinstalling Battleye as admin
*Using Steam’s server browser (as mentioned above). Also tried this on both official and unofficial servers and it brings back the same error.
*Forwarding ports
*Setting max pings/minute to 500 in Steam settings.
*Disabling Steam overlay
*Uninstalling Nvidia Experience
*Flushing DNS cache
*Resetting modem and PC
*Updating Nvidia driver
*Having Nvidia Experience optimize the game
*Creating new hosts file

Server filter is set to Internet and no mods are installed. ISP is Comcast.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m not really sure what else I can do.

Hey @Father

Welcome to our community.
What ISP are you using at home?

I use Comcast/Xfinity at home.

Could you try a possible workaround just to confirm suspicions? If you use a VPN, can you see and/or join a server?

Just tried a free VPN with a data limit. The server list populates as normal and I am able to join servers no problem with it running. Unfortunately I don’t normally subscribe to any VPN services, though it is a better alternative than using my phone as a hotspot. Does this confirm the issue being my ISP?

It would seem like it, for some reason it is not allowing contacting the master server to fetch the list.

Well that’s unfortunate :frowning: I’ll use the VPN for now and hope they can resolve it. Thank you very much for your help!

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