Undead cause corruption build-up upon attack?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug?]
Region: [AU/PAL]

While searching for a way to enter the highlands with the least resistance, I decided to travel across the top of the Southern Aqueduct. After a good amount of walking, I come across an undead kneeling on the centre of the bridge, as soon as I’m roughly not even a foot in proximity to him, he aggros, and I see it’s a 1 skull elite.

Seeing that it’s an elite, I think to myself, “Why not, he could have good stuff on him”, so I decide to fight him to see what he drops. While I was fighting him, he managed to get a few lucky hits in, and I noticed each hit he got in caused corruption to build-up, so I’m wondering, is that a deliberate change? Because I do not remember undead being able to do that before.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find an undead enemy
  2. Fight undead enemy
  3. Get hit
  4. Get corrupted
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It’s not “undead”, it’s “elite one-scull mob”. They all give a bit of corruption as far as I know.

The undead in Xullan will cause corruption as well if I remember right. But yea, that one was probably because it was an elite.

This makes no sense, it looked like an undead, therefore it’s an undead, whether it’s an elite or not. Not all elites give corruption either, I’ve fought elite hyenas and they gave no corruption whatsoever.

I haven’t fought those particular ones yet, but what you’ve said seems the most likely.

All „high level“ undead now give corruption on hit, that is an international change and was in the Patchnotes.

Those „high level undead“ include among others:

A Boss in the unnamed City, the Silent Legionaries in the north, and the ghosts at the Mounds of the dead.


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