Underage player base

I want to know how the servers are being regulated with regard to underage gamers. I can’t help have the feeling that I am facilitating the exploitation of children while exposing this younger audience to violence & mature content. I have turned off my in game chat so as not to hear the voices of the less mature player base from other games, but we have all had the experience of having to endure the irrational approach to gaming kids have at one point or another. This is why I opt out of voice chat for the most part. But what if kids are doing the same & operate under the radar with anonymity? Who is protecting their vulnerable psyche & how? Also, who’s responsibility should this fall to…. the parents, the industry, or the mature gamers these underage scallywags are playing with? I for one am being riddled with guilt & have to say that my mindset is altered while in the company of such young people. It’s not that they are bad, but the rules are there for a good reason! Liberal enforcement will unfortunately not do.

Its the parents no one else is making kids buy the games and I know some people gonna say look at the way this company advertised this game it looks like there trying to sell to kids still doesn’t matter it’s the parents buying the games and it’s also up to them to look at the games content to see if it’s fit for their kids to play.


And in some cases some parents don’t care what games their kids play that’s just the world we live in well some people treat it like it’s a fantasy lol


How did this become your personal quest?
It is parental responsibility and all that implies which governs accessibility of rated M games.
It is not my job, your job, the gaming industries job, nor the internets job to regulate children.
If you think a child is being exploited thru a game online, you should report it to your local child welfare services agency.
Good luck with that witch hunt.


The parents. Full stop.


That’s the responsibility of parents, not game developers.


Educating and protecting children is a job for the parents. Its a parents #1 job in fact.


Parents not bothering to check the classification and making an informed decision on whether their child should be playing Conan Exiles or Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a major factor, there’s also parental locks on console. The sad reality is that there’s underage brats playing a range of other mature age titles, it’s been going on for decades with the MK and GTA series. Then of course you get some ill-informed parent or SJW on social media crying to their retailer or politician that they should ‘think of the children’. One of the major retailers in Australia pulled all the R18 games from sale at their stores to appease them a few years back. It accomplished nothing.