Undermesh / Destroy building during non pvp hours

Serisoly , Please come to server 6416 and Remove these players russians !! they are destrying gameplay and Conan with this easy to remove them fromgame trick!! please funcom , join and remove/bann them plz !!! They have a undermesh base !!!

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Those are the steam accs, Clan name Red alert
Steam Community :: 123 Kirov player
Steam Community :: M-Шен Lissa player
Steam Community :: РусКорабльИдиНаХ Mrhannuman player

Screenshot from my event log ( clan name: Pink panthers ) Looting benches out of raid time and nothing being broken as doors or so !

And just a clip from them using a undermesh to save their loot after a raid !

Ignasis take care of those undermeshers.

hey there , if you have gathered evidence , I suggest you to use the appropriate way of reporting suggested in this topic and remove those information from public forum spaces as they are against the forums guidelines

video is private so cannot see your undermeshers. Unfortunately, welcome to funcom where undermeshing is not allowed but nothing is done to stop it. OK, so they released programming logic to address the issue in Exiled Lands map but nothing for Siptah. I need to spend some time on exiled lands to see the effectiveness of the programming. As many others have expressed, it is stunning how 3 moderators monitor these forums but no one can be assigned to clean out the undermeshers once a week on 40 servers. It would not take long of them losing their buildings for them to move on. We know that by the sheer number of players that quit playing Conan due to that exact thing happening to them by the undermeshers. Maybe funcom’s design is to do away with the official servers and move to private servers only and that is why they are unwilling to address the issues. That would also destroy the game. I started out playing on random private servers but got tired of losing everything I had built to a once a month server wipe or poof - that server is gone. Honestly, I have to assume that Corporate abuses their employees so they just don’t give a s*&( about their quality of work. The 2.1 release was in testlive for 1 week with lots of bugs raised but no one cared - just shove it out to our customers and watch them drop like flies.

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