Underwater Building Glitch

I’ve been trying to build on the water at Riversend all morning and ran into this glitch:

It’s kind of hard to tell but after I placed the columns I could not move. I could be wrong but it seems that I was able to move again after I selected another building piece. I’ve been up since last night so I don’t remember whether I couldn’t move if I did not run out of the building piece I was placing.

I play single-player without any mods.


@Technicolorfool thanks again for sendung us feedback about 2.4!

Looking at the video, it looks like the new swimming changes are interfering somehow with the building mode? We’ve sent your video and report to our team to see if we identify what’s causing this.
Thanks again, and please send us any more feedback you might have for 2.4!

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Thought that I should add that this glitch isn’t confined to building. It has happened to me in the Dregs when the water rises and from just jumping into the water. I found a way to get unstuck and move again though. If you have a one handed weapon in your hot bar once you select that weapon you will be able to move. So I think the bug might have something to do with the 1 handed combat in water.