Undo Age of War

The Devs need to throw Age of War back into the oven. This is a half-baked pile of bad ideas, awful system changes, and a serious lack of content and direction. Soon it will be referred to Age of Deadgame.


If killing the game results in a 30+ percent increase in concurrent players compared to before the patch, then FC should continue to break stuff.

All joking aside, if you’re not enjoying the game to the point where its just dead to you, consider playing something else. You don’t need to play the same game for months or years at a time.

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Here’s the thing. I don’t want to see this game go the way of World of Warcraft where every update makes everything before it useless. Conan is a fantastic game, but Age of War does not seem to have the quality content the Devs are capable of producing. This update seems lackluster and doesn’t seem to offer much.


They’re not wrong. What we got was just the first part. Or half the age of war.
More over there is little content to it. There are treasures for the treasure vault, but they are worthless right now.

Right now I’m logging in just to see if I’ve gotten a time out yet. That is about it, my base is pretty well done, the battle pass is done, and I’m pretty disgusted with funcom right now so 7days :woman_zombie:. Just not motivated to play. As in:

The age of sorcery started by giving us magic and me spells to unlock. I was very motivated to play.
The age of war took away a bunch of stuff from the age of sorcery and gave us a treasurer and trinkets.


This is only true if you play on a server who doesn’t modify the new server settings that were made available. It can definitely feel like you’ve lost some gameplay. With proper settings it is very much a superior experience to Age of Sorcery.

You simply have to find, create, or urge your server admin to fit these settings to your playstyle.

I am not willing to give up the control that has been given to me for the sake of people’s emotional reactions to an issue they don’t quite understand.

I was talking about the headhunter caravans, at least with those i could farm sorcerers fro fun and profit.

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The age of the sorcery where to be more exact the sorcerer’s hunting to remove the random events present on the map under the pretext which was buges.
I am like you: Decus by AOW, the nerve of NPCs , the legendary reduces a simple fashion object all just good for our enslaved NPCs , the reduction of the NPC combat area, the collection of laborious and poorly thought out.

@Taemien You play on a private server like me, but not all do the same, those who play on public server cannot choose the server’s parameters.

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That’s what Zendesk is for. I said in another thread how to use this in a way that gets results. The problem people have is they don’t all agree with how the settings should be.

I had a hard laugh about this statement.

You know as well as me that this 30+ percent increase is based on an completely broken update that deleted half of peoples bases. People where forced to login to save what was left of their bases. And most people tried to replace what got lost.

I hardly can see where people are happy with the new update. Because outside this forum people are shi… storming this update and Funcom.


Is that why the recent steam reviews are on average more positive than negative?

The metrics we have just don’t reflect these end of the world viewpoints. As for ‘storming’ its the same people and locations that do it every update. That’s just what they do. Its just how a select few like to enjoy the game.

Personally, this one would have preferred if Age of War had an extra 13 weeks to cook before being served.

Going forward, between Ages, perhaps it would be beneficial to have an aftermath/wind down/teaser Season between Ages.

The Bazaar would still update.
There could be a Battle Pass.
But if there will not be much content anyway, might as well have a transitional cycle so that when the new Age is released, it will be with a Bang, rather than a whimper.


If killing the game results in a 30+ percent increase in concurrent players compared to before the patch, then FC should continue to break stuff.

It’s temporary +30% this month because people logged in to see what’s new in the “expansion”. This only shows that 30% of current playerbase does not play this game regularly because there is nothing to do and new content comes too slow.
Looking at the same charts, more than 50% of total peak playerbase does not play this game anymore.
So no, there is no playerbase growth, you are misinterpreting this data.

Meanwhile those who play solo or private servers, there’s is a mod from Multigun that fixes AI to what it was before AoW. I heard they are removing NPC spawns, so this will have to be fixed with another mod I guess.


I checked, the week of the update to A2CH1 actually had a player count drop. People saw nothing new to check. Then the bad news about the “fixed” foundations hit and players had to log in, see if they lost everything, anything, and have to rebuild.

There is no reason for anyone to come back to check nothing new added.

But then it could be everyone jumping on to make a pet of their own world boss.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:

I’ll argue there is a lot of people that enjoy playing Conan, people complaining about a game; especially conan, has not stopped them from playing. And therein lies the rub.

Now I’m mystified what would have caused that jump other then people wanting to see just how bad funcom screwed up the game and the booster event. Certainly nothing new to bring them back to check. Now I can’t prove I’m right any better then some one can prove me wrong, but, my candid opinion, it’s sad when you get a player login spike because people are logging in to see how badly you screwed up a game.

Now I’d like to see some real player info, not just how many logged in but how long they stayed logged in. LOTRO did a massive overhaul of the game. Lost Ks of players, lost me. In order to get that log in count back up to look good for new players, they started giving door prizes. Log in, get a freebee. Log in count went way up, but there was still no one playing.

A month respite would be nice.

Good question, how many of those players will still be playing with the booster event done, and managed to get the battle pass done, so now have no reason to play?

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Thank you for reminding me I need to change my review


Have people on official PVE servers actually noticed people blocking off world bosses yet? I haven’t seen a single one blocked yet (but that’s just my server). Maybe it’s a pervasive issue, elsewhere, I’m not sure.

I also don’t really see there being too many issue with this first part of the Age of War (not talking about technical issues). This game went years without active updates like we now get every 3 months. Even though the content addition is minimal, it’s far more then what we used to get, at least as far as I can remember. Maybe I’m a glass half full kind of guy.

I appreciate that many have gotten frustrated and don’t like the new changes, but in my opinion, they haven’t killed the game and it personally hasn’t changed my experience with the game in the slightest. We all have different opinions on where the game is currently at. Just sharing mine :slight_smile:

I do wish they hadn’t messed up the release of this Age (Nemedian foundation issue), but I don’t think they need extra time in between ages, they just need to get their sh*t together in terms of releasing stuff that isn’t ready to be released or tested adequately.

Funcom is clearly putting everything they have into Dune, and Conan’s issues are slipping through the cracks a bit, but this is still the best game I’ve ever played, and I still enjoy playing it every single day.

When you don’t release content, there are no issues to be seen :rofl:

Except depending on where and what you play, there are plenty of issues!

New Age of War features:
• Treasure Coffer is an unfinished product, I’m not even talking about it being currently useless, but about how it doesn’t list things consistently, and how the list cannot even scroll down :clown_face:
• Clan Emblems… I’m not gonna talk about their cash-grab, but about how the ONE THING they needed to do was to make sure applying the Heater Shield as an illusion would also use the damn emblem… And it doesn’t :notlikethis:
• Anything else? NOPE! Because there was no content. LMAO!

Stamina Changes:
→ If you’re playing on PvE, there is no big issue, although I guess for the giga-casual-noob it must feel awful to see your stamina be eaten away with a Stone Sword as if you were using the Sword of Crom :thisisfine:
→ If you’re playing PvP… Oh my god the Roll and Poke issue is massive; it was already a proficient playstyle because dodging is OP, but it had a cost and you had to be careful with your stamina to balance it out… Now nope, you just roll 1843546804604650 times in a row no problem :catnobanana:

↳ More on PvP, not even considering the hacks and exploits… Just ×4 Harvest Rate on Official PvP servers messes with the already fragile balance of the game. Add on top of that Blood Crystal Shopping with Obolus… Never bother farming iron, steel, or tar! You just buy extra cheap supply materials mah dude :theworst: Black Blood Tools? Oh hell nah, we don’t go to the dangerous areas to get them from a unique boss, we don’t fight over this unique spot, we buy they super cheap from an Obolus merchant as well!!!

Other Changes like the Thrall changes, or the weapon balance, are also nonsensical!
Cannibal Brute is the best Thrall! Upgrading your Hardened Steel Arrows to Black Ice Arrows downgrades their stats :notlikethis:
I’m not even talking about the bugs, some get fixed, some don’t, it also depends if you’re playing on PS5 where apparently everything is invisible LMFAO… No I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about tremendously flawed game design, with Truncheons dealing 0 damage meaning NPCs in Sepermeru don’t react the way they should (which also causes bugs like Coup de Grace not killing T1→T3), with higher end materials such as obsidian being entirely useless, with Greater Pets being weaker than a Shaleback or Bird NPC, with World Bosses dying in 20s to any Legendary Weapon, and said weapons being much more accessible than most craftable ones…

You get my point, it’s not even about the glitches, but about the nonsensical game design choices, such as this stamina change with which they really went too far.


I haven’t seen it yet on my server. However, I’m hearing from other people that the change in the rules seems to be setting off a veritable Renaissance of content blocking. Allegedly, walling off Nunu the Cannibal and the nearby lore stone has gone unpunished despite reports, and so has walling off the Weeping Ruin along with a large chunk of that area. And we’re talking about PVE servers, so “bomb them” isn’t an option, either.

Maybe those of us who were saying this was a bad change knew what we were talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t really care if the lack of administrative action is because they simply don’t have enough staff to get to all the tickets, or because they’re not really interested in moderating the servers and the lack of transparency is there to hide that fact. I don’t care, because the end result is the same: server moderation isn’t working properly and the change in the rules has inspired more people to take advantage of that.

Okay, so what kind of issue are you talking about? If we’re going to ignore the two big technical fiascos – Nemedian stability and FLS connectivity – can we talk about the enshіttening of the gameplay via the stamina changes, the increase in pointless grind because of the unrepairable legendaries, the decimation of the cities, and the changes to aggro and leashes?

Oh, the “content”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that the crumbs of content we got really compensate for the above-mentioned enshіttening of the gameplay. I can be glass half full kind of guy, but it really depends on what you fill the glass with.

That I can agree with. Then again, it takes a lot to actually kill a game, much more than what the doomsayers imagine.

Come on, let’s be serious here. This has been a problem from the start, and everyone keeps saying that, and they don’t get better. They didn’t manage to get their shіt together when they were merely Funcom, do you really think they’ll do it in their “Funcent” form? Hell no, they’ll do the work they can with whatever resources they’ve been allocated, and they’ll release on the announced date no matter what, and if the game doesn’t perform well enough financially, it will be put out of its misery.


There’s actually no new content other than treasures which are indeed half baked.
The rest its just changes to a already existing system, the worst possible balancing and also the ruin of qol features (perma damage to durability and unrepairable crap).


Sorry, I just meant the issues with Age of War in terms of content. Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve liked for the Purge mechanic to be implemented right away. Waiting for something for 3 months with no concrete idea of what it will actually entail is a bad move. I was just comparing it to times in the past where we didn’t get any kind of update or new content at all. Every 3 months is a pretty solid timeline for new content, even if it’s minor, just my opinion of course.

I lost a ton of stuff to the Nemedian foundation issue, the only things that really bothered me were the Purge thralls that were very difficult to attain and the poor communication. Now with the new purge system, I’m not sure I can ever get these thralls back. Still, I’ve lost more thralls in the actual Purge, so it sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world. Again, for me at least. I understand this issue made lots of people quit, just giving my experience :slight_smile:

I actually like the fact you can’t repair Legendaries anymore. It really makes you get out into the world more. I was using the same Predatory Blade for over 2 years haha Again, this depends on your play style. If you are using a very rare weapon with a crazy drop rate, this may be the worst thing to happen. I know everyone plays differently, but I’ve adapted to the stamina changes, and actually enjoy it! That being said, I don’t use 2H weapons or heavy attacks, so I’m not experiencing a lot of the annoying changes. I also play PVE so I have no idea how the PVP game has changed. I never mean to doubt or question anyone’s experience with the game, I just like to give my own experience with it.

Some of the thrall changes I do enjoy. While they can still hit hard, they also die much much easier now, it’s a fair balance I think. I also like that they nerfed RHTS and I’m sure they will do the same with the Brute, etc. I believe Purge thralls need to have the highest health and/or be the strongest thralls you can get. My experience is that Purge thralls are definitely unique now and that makes me more satisfied with the thrall changes.

I’ve also noticed that animals did no damage, or at least the same damage as their counterparts in the wild right when this update was released. My greater wolves were doing 30-50 dmg per bite. But they must’ve changed that last week at some point, because now they are biting for 150-300 dmg.

I don’t think Funcom will get their shit together, I think Tencent has crippled them and what they can do. I never thought they were good at implementing fixes or changes the community asked for, but I still enjoyed the game through all of those blunders. What impresses me the most with them is the design team, the game and almost all items are beautifully created. Some may not work properly or be implemented properly, but the design is great!

Despite all of the negatives that happen, I’m still really enjoying the game! I’ve been told I’m crazy by many friends just for obsessively playing this game, but I really am having lots of fun still :smiley:


I didn’t say anything about mods. I said server settings. If you chose to play on server that doesn’t modify those settings properly, that’s on you.

Your choice. Your consequences.

If you want changes, use Zendesk. If you don’t you are saying quite loudly “Funcom, you are doing great, keep it as is.” Regardless of what you say here.

Actions > Words.