Unesseary Land Claim/Base locations

Theres a clan on a server who has all good base locations claimed and they dont use them it’s an unfair advantage how would I report them for this?

Submit a request – Funcom

Make sure you get screen shots of what you are seeing (land claims without functional bases, wide variety of bases etc) with your repair hammer showing clan name. Doctor up a map to show all the locations so that the enforcement team can just teleport to these points quickly.

Don’t give coordinates only.
Don’t put emotional content in the request
Do explain why this is bad for the entire server (not just you)
Do quote the exact points of the ToS when generating the report.

I hope this helps and good luck.

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@erjoh did a good job giving you these advises, but before you start shooting and reporting, let’s have a chat between players!

What do you mean?
What defines the good base location?
How many places are these places?
How big they build?
How many persons play in this clan?
Are you sure you have the same region?
Have you ever spoke to them?

And many other more “valid” questions that must be answered before you use Zendesk my friend. Zendesk is and must be the very last option!

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