Land infringement

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Bug
Region: america

So I’ve been In a hard war with another clan for about 3 weeks now, they are notorious for plaugeing a huge area around there base, like beyond the point where no one can physically build anywhere they could hit them with a trebuchet from, but I recently found a small area up on a pillar I could use, so I began to build a station to hit them from, logged in today and now apparently they have land claim over my entire area to the point of can’t even repair anything? They have recently don’t this to a allied clan all around their base so they can’t repair a single bit of there base, don’t know if this is intended or just poor land claim design but It seems pretty flawed that they can build that close to me, but I can’t build that close to them?

Steps on how to reproduce issue: in war siege station
3.return at raid time longer able to do anything

The “Land Claim” defense is one method I’m not a fan of. If you wanted to, you should be able to place a bedroll or anything right next to their buildings or items. If they want to claim any land, the clan should have to defend it. Simply placing an altar or foundation should mean nothing - IMHO. You want this land? You have to fight for it.

However, in answer to your question, I have see this before. I don’t think it’s supposed to be that way. We had a base that we couldn’t build onto because it was giving us that same error. Land Claim…What? I’ve been building here?

There were two solutions. The easiest - move and build somewhere else. Second, search the area for anything that someone may have built. Look for a foundation, an altar, anything that someone could have placed and destroy it.

You can destroy items with orbs or explosives.

I would probably just move and find a better location. If you have another clan that close, you’re going to be competing for resources and that will slow your progress.

What server are you on? Maybe someone here can hop on and enjoy the competition. I love clans that dominate. They give me an enemy to fight anytime of the day, not just “raid times” (building damage time).

I’m at war with what I’ll call the alphas (useing it loosely) theirs a rather large back story to the drama of our server, but anyway, my base is rather large, I’ve been here a few weeks now, and I’ve been the only person able to destroy there building and put a rather big damper on their rain of terror of the server that they have had for the past few months, so they have changed focus onto me, luckily it’s only effective against my raid tower I had and not my main base. But unfortunately like I said my friend has a base they have blocked in and it’s a rather large base and he can no longer repair anything on the base, it’s an unfortunate flaw if this wasn’t intentional and a horrible design If it was intended, there’s particularly nothing we can do against it because of the number of bombs it would take they could easily replace things before we could finish blowing everything up.

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Now you really make me want to join your server and create a character to fight those guys… LOL. I can understand not sharing the server though.

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